Hot Box, The (1972)

Hot Box, The (1972)

“Teach us public health, so we can teach the villages we liberate!”

Four beautiful American nurses (Margaret Markov, Andrea Cagan, Ricky Richardson and Laurie Rose) working in a Latin American hospital are kidnapped by the leader (Carmen Argenziano) of a revolutionary group and forced to help them as medics.

Genres, Themes, Actors, and Directors:

  • Jonathan Demme Films
  • Prisoners
  • Revolutionaries

This jungle exploitation flick was made explicitly to show off girls, guns, sex, and violence — and that’s exactly what it provides in spades:

The film’s production history says most of what one needs to know about how it emerged, and why; as noted on Wikipedia:

The film came about because Roger Corman had a production deal in the Philippines with a young producer there, Cirio Santiago. Corman wanted to give Santiago a story outline and [director Joe] Viola did up a treatment in an afternoon, which became the film. Jonathan Demme shot some second unit footage, which impressed Roger Corman enough to support Demme’s debut as director, Caged Heat (1974).

There you go. The dialogue and delivery are at least occasionally laughably bad, for those who enjoy that sort of thing:

“Do you know what I hope? I hope someday you’re on a date, and then some maniacs come along and shoot your date, and drag you into the jungle, and then attack you, and then not even tell you why!”

Notable Performances, Qualities, and Moments:

  • Effective use of location shooting

Must See?
Nope, unless this genre is your cup of tea.


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  1. Based on this very helpful assessment, I’ll [PASS]. Peary includes way too many films of this exact same (often tiresome) type. FFs shouldn’t have to sit through all of them, though completists of the genre will no doubt want to.

  2. It’s no surprise, he was a fan of the genre (and many of the filmmakers) and his book was published in 1986 when these films were all fairly recent.

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