Missing Titles

Missing Titles

Puzzle PiecesAlthough Peary’s book covers the vast majority of “must see” feature-length films released during or prior to 1986, there are some noticeable gaps: titles he accidentally left out; movies he may never have seen (I Am Cuba, for instance, wasn’t released in the United States until 1995); and movies that have since become certified cult classics (i.e., Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, or National Lampoon’s Vacation).

The following list contains additional pre-1987 movies I think all film fanatics should see, with hyperlinks to my own reviews when available.

Additional “Must See” Titles

Below are additional recommended titles not mentioned in Peary’s book; while not must-see, they’re certainly worth a look:

  • Agnes of God (1985; d: Norman Jewison)
  • All My Babies (1953; d: George C. Stoney)
  • Annie Get Your Gun (1950; d: George Sidney) *
  • Beau Mariage, Le (1982; d: Eric Rohmer)
  • Cruel Story of Youth (1960; d: Nagisa Oshima)
  • Deathtrap (1982; d: Sidney Lumet)
  • Europa ’51 (1952; Roberto Rossellini)
  • Highlander (1986; d: Russell Mulcahy)
  • I’ll Cry Tomorrow (1955; d: Daniel Mann) *
  • Inferno (1953; d: Roy Ward Baker)
  • Johnny Dangerously (1984; d: Amy Heckerling)
  • Kid Brother, The (1927; d: Ted Wilde et al.)
  • Ladybug Ladybug (1963; d: Frank Perry)
  • Land of Silence and Darkness (1971; d: Werner Herzog)
  • Last Chants for a Slow Dance (1977; d: Jon Jost)
  • Marie Antoinette (1938; d: W.S. Van Dyke) *
  • Min and Bill (1930; d: George W. Hill) *
  • Morning After, The (1986; d: Sidney Lumet)
  • Passenger (1963; d: Andrzej Munk)
  • Plaza Suite (1971; d: Arthur Hiller)
  • Plenty (1985; d: Fred Schepisi)
  • Pressure Point (1962; d: Hubert Cornfield)
  • Private Practices: The Story of a Sex Surrogate (1986; d: Kirby Dick)
  • Quiet Earth, The (1985; d: Geoff Murphy)
  • Rooster Cogburn (1975; d: Stuart Millar)
  • Sorry, Wrong Number (1948; d: Anatole Litvak)
  • Strange Love of Martha Ivers, The (1946; d: Lewis Milestone)
  • Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967; d: George Roy Hill)
  • !Three Amigos! (1986; d: John Landis)
  • Thunderbolt (1929; d: Josef von Sternberg) *
  • UTU (1983; d: Geoff Murphy)
  • What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? (1969; d: Lee H. Katzin)
  • Young One, The / La Joven (1960; d: Luis Bunuel)

* These starred titles are non-GFTFF movies listed by Peary in his Alternate Oscars book; while I don’t happen to agree they are “must see”, I’ll be reviewing them on my site as well, simply to be complete in my coverage of all Peary-recommended titles.

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  1. These would be my additional “must see” titles (listed alphabetically):

    Aniki Bobo (1942, d: Manoel De Oliveira)
    Ascent, The (1977, d: Larisa Shepitko)
    As Filhas do Fogo (1978, d: Walter Hugo Khouri)
    Bhuvan Shome (1969, d: Mrinal Sen)
    Bienvenido Mister Marshall (1953, d: Luis Garcia Berlanga)
    Blanche (1971, d: Walerian Borowczyk)
    Boy in the Tree, The (1961, d: Arne Sucksdorff)
    Bridal Party in Hardanger (1926, d: Rasmus Breistein)
    Cafajestes, Os (1962, d: Ruy Guerra)
    Check-up on the Road/Proverka na dorogakh (1971, d: Aleksey German)
    Come and See (1985, d: Elem Klimov)
    Corruzione, La (1963, d: Mauro Bolognini)
    Current (1964, d: Istvan Gaal)
    Enchanted Desna, The (1964, d: Yuliya Solntseva)
    Fall of the House of Usher, The (1928, d: Jean Epstein)
    Federale, Il (1961, d: Luciano Salce)
    Filibus (1915, d: Mario Roncoroni)
    Forest of the Hanged (1965, d: Liviu Ciulei)
    Ganga Bruta (1932, d: Humberto Maura)
    Gate to Paradise (1968, d: Andrzej Wajda)
    Go, Go, Second Time Virgin (1969, d: Koji Wakamatsu)
    Girl must Live, A (1939, d: Carol Reed)
    Great Silence, The (1968, d: Sergio Corbucci)
    Herd, The/Suru (1979, d: Zeki Okten, Yilmaz Guney)
    House on Trubnaya Square (1928, d: Boris Barnet)
    Intimate Lighting (1965, d: Ivan Passer)
    July Rain (1967, d: Marlen Khutsiev)
    Miracle in the Rain (1956, d: Rudolph Mate)
    Mother Joan of the Angels (1961, d: Jerzy Kawalerowicz)
    Non Coupable (1947, d: Henri Decoin)
    Occupe-toi d’Amelie (1949, d: Claude Autant-Lara)
    Out 1: Noli me Tangere (1971, d: Jacques Rivette)
    Pere Noel a les Yeux Bleu, Le (1966, d: Jean Eustache)
    Provincial Actors (1979, d: Agnieszka Holland)
    Rapsodia Satanica (1917, d: Nino Oxilia)
    Rapt (1934, d: Dimitri Kirsanoff)
    Red Angel (1966, d:Yasuzo Masumura)
    Remorques (1941, d: Jean Gremillon)
    Report on the Party and the Guests (1966, d: Jan Nemec)
    Ring, The (1952, d: Kurt Neumann)
    Roue, La (1923, d: Abel Gance)
    Round-Up, The (1966, d: Miklos Jancso)
    Saturday’s Hero (1951, d: David Miller)
    Serie Noire (1979, d: Alain Corneau)
    Si une jolie petite plage (1949, d: Yves Allegret)
    Slander (1957, d: Roy Rowland)
    Sun in a Net, the (1962, d: Stefan Uher)
    Symphonie Pastorale, La (1946, d: Jean Delannoy)
    Tema (1979, d: Gleb Panfilov)
    Tess of the Storm Country (1922, d: John S Robertson)
    Traque, La (1975, d: Serge Leroy)
    Venus Aveugle (1941, d: Abel Gance)
    Vie a l’Envers (1964, d: Alain Jessua)
    Voici ies temps des assassins (1956, d: Julien Duvivier)

  2. And additional “Recommended” films:

    Adventures of Martin Eden, The (1942, d: Sidney Salkow)
    Alucarda (1977, d: Jose Lopez Moctezuma)
    Amphitryon (1935, d: Reinhold Schunzel)
    Bang! You’re Dead (1954, d: Lance Comfort)
    Beach Guard in Winter (1976, d: Goran Paskaljevic)
    Beauty and the Beast (1978, d: Juraj Herz)
    Blockhouse, The (1973, d: Clive Rees)
    Borghese Picolo Picolo, Un (1977, d: Mario Monicelli)
    Born to be Loved (1959, d: Hugo Haas)
    Capricious Summer (1968, d: Jiri Menzel)
    Cast a Dark Shadow (1955, d: Lewis Gilbert)
    Castle of Purity, The (1973, d: Arturo Ripstein)
    Corpo d’Amore (1972, d: Fabio Carpi)
    Darling, How Could You! (1951, d: Mitchell Leisen)
    Debut / Nachalo (1970, d: Glen Panfilov)
    Delfini, I (1960, d: Francesco Maselli)
    Devil’s Angels, The (1967, d: Daniel Haller)
    Diable au Corps, Le (1947, d: Claude Autant-Lara)
    Divided Heaven, The (1964, d: Konrad Wolf)
    Ear, The (1970, d: Karel Kachyna)
    Emil and the Detectives (1931, d: Gerhard Lamprecht)
    Fabiola (1948, d: Alessandro Blasetti)
    Femmes Femmes (1974, d: Paul Vecchiali)
    Fete a Henriette, La (1952, d: Julien Duvivier)
    Fin du Jour, La (1939, d: Julien Duvivier)
    FTA (1972, d: Francine Parker)
    Garde a Vue (1981, d: Claude Miller)
    Girls of the Road (1940, d: Nick Grinde)
    Golden Thread, The / Subarnarekha (1965, d: Ritwik Ghatak)
    Gout de la Violence, Le (1961, d: Robert Hossein)
    Goyokin (1969, d: Hideo Gosha)
    Grandes Familles, Les (1958, d: Denys de la Patelliere)
    Hell Bound (1957, d: William J. Hole jr)
    Hollywood Revue of 1929 (1929, d: Charles Reisner)
    Hunting Party, The (1971, d: Don Medford)
    If I had a Gun (1971, d: Stefan Uher)
    If I should die before I wake (1952, d: Carlos Hugo Christensen)
    I Love a Soldier (1943, d: Mark Sandrich)
    Interlude (1968, d: Kevin Billlington)
    I was a Prisoner on Devil’s island (1941, d: Lew Landers)
    Uninvited, The/ Invitata, L’ (1969, d: Vittorio De Seta)
    Io e Dio (1969, d: Pasquale Squitieri)
    Jeux de l’Amour, Les (1960, d: Philippe de Broca)
    Kremlin Letter, The (1970, d: John Huston)
    Landscape After Battle (1970, d: Andrzej Wajda)
    Laugh for Joy / Risate di Gioia (1960, d: Mario Monicelli)
    Little Princess, The (1917, d: Marshall Neilan)
    Lonesome (1928, d: Pal Fejos)
    Lost Boundaries (1949, d: Alfred Werker)
    Loyalties (1933, d: Basil Dean)
    Lust for Gold (1949, d: S.Sylvan Simon)
    Madchen Rosemarie, Das (1958, d: Rolf Thiele)
    Malombra (1942, d: Mario Soldati)
    Meet me at Dawn (1947, d: Thornton Freeland)
    Milano Calibro 9 (1972, d: Fernando Di Leo)
    Mill on the Po (1949, d: Alberto Lattuada)
    Miracle des Loups, Le (1924, d: Raymond Bernard)
    Mille Milliards de Dollars (1983, d: Henri Verneuil)
    Mouthpiece, The (1932, d: James Flood and Elliott Nugent)
    Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians, The (1981, d: Oldrich Lipsky)
    Narrow Corner, The (1933, d: Alfred E. Green)
    1922 (1978, d: Nikos Koundouros)
    No Room at the Inn (1948, d: Daniel Birt)
    Nuisance, The (1933, d: Jack Conway)
    Objectif: 500 Millions (1966, d: Pierre Schoendoerffer)
    Optimists of Nine Elms, The (1973, d: Anthony Simmons)
    Papillon sur l’Epaule, Un (1978, d: Jacques Deray)
    Party Crashers, The (1958, Bernard Girard)
    Poison for the Fairies (1984, d: Carlos Enrique Taboada)
    Prairie, The (1947, d: Frank Wisbar)
    Red Snowball Tree, The (1974, d: Vasiliy Shukshin)
    Rendez-vous at Bray (1970, d: Andre Delvaux)
    Roman d’un Tricheur, Le (1936, d: Sacha Guitry)
    San Diego, I Love You (1944, d: Reginald Leborg)
    Sea and Poison, The (1986, d: Kei Kumai)
    Secrets of the French Police (1932, d: A. Edward Sutherland)
    See You in Hell, Darling! (aka An American Dream) (1966, d: Robert Gist)
    Sensualidad (1951, d: Alberto Gout)
    Seven Sinners (1936, d: Albert De Courville)
    Shadow of Angels (1976, d: Daniel Schmid)
    Shocking Miss Pilgrim, The (1947, d: George Seaton)
    Silvestre (1981, d: Joao Cesar Monteiro)
    Sleeping City, The (1950, d: George Sherman)
    Small World of Sammy Lee, The (1963, d: Ken Hughes)
    Snow Flurry, The (1959, d: Keisuke Kinoshita)
    Something to live for (1952, d: George Stevens)
    Sorciere, La (1956, d: Andre Michel)
    Soupirant, Le (1962, d: Pierre Etaix)
    Teesri Manzil (1966, d: Vijay Anand)
    They’ve Changed Faces (1971, d: Corrado Farina)
    Three Godfathers (1935, d: Richard Boleslawski)
    Trade Winds (1938, d: Tay Garnett)
    Tre Volti, I (1965, d: Michelangelo Antonio, Mauro Bolognini, Franco Indovina)
    Tutti a Casa (1960, d: Luigi Comencini)
    Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees (1975, d: Masahiro Shinoda)
    Under the Bridges (1946, d: Helmut Kautner)
    Upstage (1928, d: Monta Bell)
    Vampires, Les (1915, d: Louis Feuillade)
    Vista, La (1963, d: Antonio Pietrangeli)
    Wonder Bar (1934, d: Lloyd Bacon)

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