Farewell to Graeme Clark

Farewell to Graeme Clark

I just received notice from a family member that a fellow film reviewer – Graeme Clark of The Spinning Image — has passed away.

I never met Graeme, but we did exchange several emails over the past year as he graciously pointed out a few minor errors in my reviews, and gave his kind appreciation for the work I’ve been doing.

I tried to calculate how many times I’ve cited Graeme’s reviews on my GFTFF site, but don’t have an easy algorithm to do that, so can’t say for sure; suffice it to say that it’s well into the hundreds. I could always count on enjoying Graeme’s honest take on a range of titles, and knowing his review would be worthy of inclusion as a link in my own overview (an “honor” I don’t give lightly).

From looking at the “About Our Team” page on Spinning Image, Graeme wrote:

Like Graeme, I also love Casablanca (1942), but I still need to revisit Brazil (1985) and Blue Velvet (1986) to gauge my current reaction to those. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I checked back on my own review of A Matter of Life and Death (1946) and found myself grateful that he listed this among its faves, given what a beautiful vision it offers of life after death.

RIP Graeme. I will continue to cite your reviews!

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