Comfort and Joy (1984)

Comfort and Joy

Radio deejay Alan “Dickey” Bird (Bill Patterson) is dumped by his girlfriend Maddy (Eleanor David) on Christmas. While wandering around Glasgow, he witnesses an ice cream truck being vandalized, and soon becomes the middleman in a feud between two rival ice cream companies.


Response to Peary’s Review:
Although Peary refers to this film by famed Scottish director Bill Forsyth as a “charming, relaxing, offbeat comedy”, I wasn’t nearly so taken with it. It’s clever and quirky, but loses steam about halfway through; indeed, the subplots (concerning Alan’s radio job and his ex-girlfriend) are much more interesting than the ice cream imbroglio itself. Forsyth made other, superior films — including Local Hero (1983), Gregory’s Girl (1981), and That Sinking Feeling (1980) — which are better candidates for must-see viewing.

Redeeming Qualities:

  • The opening scene, where Alan follows his girlfriend Maddy as she shoplifts in a department store
  • Maddy casually taking her belongings off the shelves of their apartment as she discusses why she’s moving out

Must See?

No. It’s one of Forsyth’s lesser films, and not required viewing unless you’re a fan of his work.


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