First Nudie Musical, The (1976)

“The stunt-cock is here!”

First Nudie Musical

A director (Bruce Kimmel), producer (Stephen Nathan), and secretary (Cindy Williams) try to save their film studio from bankruptcy by making a XXX-rated musical within two weeks.


Response to Peary’s Review:
This “minor but amusing parody of both porno films and ‘let’s-put-on-a-show’ musicals” was a box-office flop at first, but eventually became a cult hit (a process which Peary describes in great detail in his second Cult Movies book). Cindy Williams shows great promise as a comedienne (a talent which was borne out in 1981’s quirky UFOria), and she’s surrounded by a cast of “spirited and brave” co-stars. While I agree with Peary that highlights most definitely include the auditions and the “Dancing Dildoes” number, I disagree that the film’s visuals “aren’t erotic enough” — this movie intends to satirize porn, not aspire towards it.

Redeeming Qualities:

  • Cindy Williams’ dead-pan performance as Rosie
  • The truly hilarious auditions — especially by the porn actress who’s eager to list her “talents”
  • The amusing songs (including “Lesbian Butch Dyke” and “Let Me Eat You”)
  • The scene in which an actress only agrees to doing a nude scene if she can keep her clothes on (!)

Must See?
Yes. As one of the few attempts to explicitly bridge the worlds of porn and mainstream movie-making, this cult movie holds a special place in film history. Discussed at length in Peary’s Cult Movies 2 (1983).



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  1. First viewing. Not must-see.

    This one-note ‘novelty item’ is a rather hard film to find – I just now came across it by chance on YouTube. It wasn’t particularly worth the search.

    Yes, there is the odd amusing moment but the musical score isn’t all that engaging; it’s not particularly clever and it more or less just trots out the obvious. (~though I will say that Diana Canova, as Juanita, gets a stand-out sequence with the song ‘Perversion’ – not because it’s a great song but because Canova knows how to make the most out of what she has to work with).

    Personally, I think the film wears out its welcome when it’s not too far along. I was mostly bored.

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