Boudu Saved From Drowning (1932)

“Even though he disgusts me, I did save his life.” Synopsis: A well-meaning bookseller (Charles Granval) rescues an indigent man named Boudu (Michel Simon) from drowning and brings him to his house, where his wife (Marcelle Hainia) and mistress-housekeeper (Severine Lerczinska) are both initially perturbed by Boudu’s uncouth presence, but slowly seduced by his animal-like […]

Ordinary People (1980)

“When I let myself feel, all I feel is lousy.” Synopsis: In the aftermath of his brother’s accidental death, a teenager (Timothy Hutton) with a repressed mother (Mary Tyler Moore) and a loving father (Donald Sutherland) seeks help from a therapist (Judd Hirsch) as well as solace from his sweet new girlfriend (Elizabeth McGovern). Genres: […]

Color Me Blood Red (1965)

“What kind of a vampire are you, painting with blood? Are you a painter or a butcher?” Synopsis: A mediocre but well-known painter (Don Joseph) finds himself gorily inspired by the use of human blood in his works. Genres: Artists Herschell Gordon Lewis Films Horror Films Serial Killers Review: This third entry in Herschell Gordon […]

Blood Feast (1963)

“Well, we’re just working with a homicidal maniac — that’s all.” Synopsis: A detective (William Kerwin) seeks clues to a mysterious rash of bloody killings across Miami, while the mother (Lyn Bolton) of his beautiful girlfriend (Connie Mason) arranges to have a party catered by a crazed Egyptian (Mal Arnold), who is obsessed with reenacting […]

Mask (1985)

“Hey, kid — why don’t you take off your mask?” Synopsis: A teenager (Eric Stoltz) with extreme facial disfigurement is raised by his loving but drug-abusing mother (Cher) and her gang of motorcyclist friends. Genres: Blindness Cher Films Coming of Age Disfigured Faces Misfits Motorcyclists Peter Bogdanovich Films Review: Peter Bogdanovich made a short-lived directorial […]

My Dinner With Andre (1982)

“We can’t be direct, so we end up saying the weirdest things.” Synopsis: When a struggling playwright (Wallace Shawn) meets an old friend (Andre Gregory) for dinner, a surprisingly rich conversation ensues. Genres: Friendship Get Togethers and Reunions Louis Malle Films Response to Peary’s Review: Peary begins his review of this Louis Malle-directed film (co-written […]

Dr. No (1962)

“East, West — just points of the compass, each as stupid as the other.” Synopsis: British secret agent James Bond (Sean Connery) is sent to Jamaica to investigate the mysterious death of a colleague, and soon learns that a villainous Chinese scientist named Dr. No (Joseph Wiseman) is secretly working on a plan to prevent […]

Three Faces of Eve, The (1957)

“Sometimes I don’t know whether you’re crazy or think I am.” Synopsis: A meek housewife (Joanne Woodward) who suddenly starts acting strangely is taken by her husband (David Wayne) to see a psychiatrist (Lee J. Cobb), who diagnoses her with Multiple Personality Disorder. Genres: Joanne Woodward Films Lee J. Cobb Films Multiple Personalities Response to […]