27th Day, The (1957)

“We cannot hope for disaster — we merely expect it.” Synopsis: An alien (Arnold Moss) whose species is seeking a new planet to inhabit gathers five diverse humans — a British woman (Valerie French), an American journalist (Gene Barry), a German scientist (George Voskovec), a Soviet soldier (Azemat Janti), and a Chinese peasant (Marie Tsiena) […]

All of Me (1984)

“Inside your new body will be the same old sourpuss.” Synopsis: An overworked lawyer (Steve Martin) experiencing a midlife crisis is accidentally injected with the soul of a recently deceased millionaire (Lily Tomlin), whose original intent was to occupy the body of her stablehand’s sexy daughter (Victoria Tennant). Genres: Comedy Heiresses Lily Tomlin Films Mistaken […]

Ladies of Leisure (1930)

“What am I — a statue or a hunk of furniture?” Synopsis: A self-professed “party girl” is hired to pose for a wealthy aspiring painter (Ralph Graves), and slowly finds herself falling in love — but are the feelings mutual, and if so, will his socially-conscious parents approve of their romance? Genres: Barbara Stanwyck Films […]

Baby Face (1933)

[Note: The following review is of a non-Guide for the Film Fanatic title; click here to read more.] “What’s going to become of you? It’s up to you to decide.” George Brent FIlms Synopsis: Inspired by a philosophy-spouting mentor (Alphonse Ethier) and accompanied by her servant (Theresa Harris), an ambitious young woman (Barbara Stanwyck) climbs […]

Miracle Woman, The (1931)

“When you can’t see the world, you invent one of your own.” Synopsis: Grieving the death of her minister-father, a charismatic young woman (Barbara Stanwyck) joins forces with a charlatan (Sam Hardy) to pretend to be a miracle worker — but when she falls in love with a trusting blind man (David Manners), her values […]

Night of the Iguana, The (1964)

“This is a test of strength between two men and a crate of wetheads.” Synopsis: An alcoholic ex-minister (Richard Burton) working as a tour guide in Mexico brings his customers to a hotel run by his widowed friend Maxine (Ava Gardner). While flirting with a beautiful blonde teenager (Sue Lyon) in the tour group, he’s […]

Berlin Express (1948)

“No one was here without a purpose.” Synopsis: In post-WWII Germany, a group of international train passengers — including an American agronomist (Robert Ryan), a British schoolteacher (Robert Coote), a French businessman (Charles Korvin), a Russian soldier (Roman Toporow), and a French secretary (Merle Oberon) — band together to locate a kidnapped doctor (Paul Lukas) […]

Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1960)

“On Mars, you’ve gotta face the reality of being alone forever!” Synopsis: An astronaut (Paul Mantee) stranded on Mars with a monkey named Mona struggles to survive while aching for humanoid contact — which he finally achieves when he encounters a runaway alien slave (Victor Lundin) he dubs “Friday”. Genres: Astronauts Science Fiction Survival Review: […]

Back Street (1932)

“There isn’t one woman in a million who’s found happiness in the back street of any man’s life.” Synopsis: A young woman (Irene Dunne) resists courtship by an earnest entrepreneur (George Meeker), instead falling in love with a charming man (John Boles) who’s about to be married. Eventually, she becomes Boles’ mistress, but finds her […]

Min and Bill (1930)

[Note: The following review is of a non-Peary title; click here to read more.] “Now you listen to me, you gutter rat! You or nobody else is gonna ruin that kid’s chances! No sir!” Synopsis: The owner (Marie Dressler) of a waterfront hotel encourages her adopted “daughter” (Dorothy Jordan) to leave and create a better […]