Hearts of the West (1975)

“There’s no such thing as wasted time for the writer; he’s always thinking.” Synopsis: An aspiring western writer (Jeff Bridges) accidentally steals money from a pair of crooks (Richard B. Shull and Anthony James) running a sham correspondence school in Nevada, and escapes to Hollywood, where he finds work as an actor for a skinflint […]

Finian’s Rainbow (1968)

“Things are indeed hopeless. Hopeless! But they’re not serious.” Synopsis: An Irishman named Finian (Fred Astaire) and his daughter Sharon (Petula Clark) arrive in the American state of “Miltucky” with a pot of gold which Finian has stolen from a leprechaun (Tommy Steele), intending to bury it in the ground and accelerate its growth; meanwhile, […]

Wings (1927)

“Jack Powell had always longed to fly… In every day-dream he heard the whir of wings.” Synopsis: Two aspiring aviators (Charles “Buddy” Rogers and Richard Arlen) in love with the same girl (Jobyna Ralston) become buddies when they join the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I; meanwhile, Rogers’ neighbor (Clara Bow) — who harbors […]

Terminal Island (1973)

“Everybody on this island’s a killer.” Synopsis: On an island where convicted murderers are sent to live and die, a new female arrival (Ena Hartman) quickly learns that its inhabitants are divided between those who support a ruthless psychopath (Sean Kenney), and those attempting to live a more democratic existence. Genres: Prisoners Stephanie Rothman Films […]

Broadway Melody, The (1929)

“Those men aren’t going to pay ten bucks to look at your face; this is Broadway!” Synopsis: A songwriter (Charlie King) helps his girlfriend (Bessie Love) and her sister (Anita Page) break into show business on Broadway — but King’s sudden declaration of love for Page (which they keep secret from Love) prompts Page into […]

What Price Glory (1926)

“There’s something rotten about a world that’s got to be wet down every thirty years with the blood of boys like those.” Synopsis: Two rivalrous Marines — Sgt. Quirt (Edmund Lowe) and Captain Flagg (Victor McLaglen) — compete for the affections of a beautiful French girl (Dolores del Rio) on the eve of World War […]

Seventh Heaven (1927)

“Never look down; always look up!” Synopsis: A French prostitute (Janet Gaynor) browbeaten by her abusive sister (Gladys Brockwell) finds comfort and transformation in the arms of a streetcleaner (Charles Farrell) — but when World War I descends, Farrell enlists and the newly married couple must sustain their love from afar. Genres: Frank Borzage Films […]

Three Musketeers, The (1948)

“To die among friends; can a man ask for more?” Synopsis: An aspiring musketeer (Gene Kelly) in 17th century France joins veteran musketeers Athos (Van Heflin), Porthos (Gig Young), and Aramis (Robert Coote) in their efforts to protect Queen Anne (Angela Lansbury) against the evil intentions of Richelieu (Vincent Price) and his henchwoman, Lady de […]

Tumbleweeds (1925)

“The only land I’ll settle down on will be under a tombstone.” Synopsis: A rancher (William S. Hart) hoping to stake a claim in a land run and then marry his sweetheart (Barbara Bedford) is falsely accused by Bedford’s nefarious brother (Richard R. Neill) of being a ‘sooner’, and imprisoned just as the run is […]

Working Girls, The (1974)

“Hired? For what? I don’t even know what business you’re in!” Synopsis: An itinerant blonde (Sarah Kennedy) arrives in Los Angeles and is given a place to stay by a sign painter (Laurie Rose) whose roommate (Lynne Guthrie) works as a waitress in a strip club. After turning the tables on a woman (Mary Beth […]