Where the Lilies Bloom (1974)

“If anybody ever finds out he passed away, they’ll take us to the county home for sure.” Synopsis: When their widowed father (Rance Howard) passes away, a fourteen-year-old Appalachian girl (Julie Gholson) and her siblings — Devola (Jan Smithers), Romey (Matthew Burrill), and Ima Dean (Helen Harmon) — keep his death a secret in order […]

Beach Party (1963)

“Bring me my pendulum, kiddies — I feel like swinging!” Synopsis: An anthropology professor (Robert Cummings) spying on a group of bikini-clad teenagers decides to “gain access” to their clique by befriending a young woman (Annette Funicello) whose commitment-phobic surfer-boyfriend (Frankie Avalon) has started flirting with a busty blonde (Eva Six). Genres: Dorothy Malone Films […]

Just Tell Me What You Want (1980)

“Belonging to Max Herschel had a lot of advantages: it was fun and first class all the way.” Synopsis: When an autocratic tycoon (Alan King) — married in-name-only to an alcoholic wife (Dina Merrill) — discovers that his long-time mistress (Ali MacGraw) has fallen in love with a penniless playwright (Peter Weller), he immediately sets […]

Room for One More (1952)

“There’s nothing wrong with him that being three days old wouldn’t fix.” Synopsis: When the parents (Cary Grant and Betsy Drake) of three children (George Winslow, Gay Gordon, and Malcolm Cassell) decide to bring two additional foster children (Iris Mann and Clifford Tatum, Jr.) into their household, both challenges and triumphs abound. Genres: Adoption Cary […]

Little Colonel, The (1935)

“Papa Jack is sick — and those two men might hurt him!” Synopsis: A crusty former Confederate colonel (Lionel Barrymore) disowns his daughter (Evelyn Venable) when she marries a Yankee (John Lodge) — but his heart is slowly melted when he meets his six-year-old granddaughter (Shirley Temple), whose quick temper bears an uncanny resemblance to […]

Littlest Rebel, The (1935)

“Uncle Billy can do anything! He can sing and dance and climb trees, and do everything in the world — I know he can bring Daddy back!” Synopsis: When a Confederate officer (John Boles) sneaks back to his plantation to visit his daughter (Shirley Temple) and dying wife (Karen Morley), he’s arrested by a Yankee […]

Libeled Lady (1936)

“The things I do for that newspaper…” Synopsis: A dedicated newspaper editor (Spencer Tracy) puts his wedding on hold when he learns about a potential libel suit involving an heiress (Myrna Loy) falsely accused of being a “husband stealer”. Tracy hires his former colleague (William Powell) to temporarily wed his own fiancee (Jean Harlow), then […]

Freaky Friday (1976)

“I wish I could switch places with her, for just one day.” Synopsis: A teenage girl (Jodie Foster) and her mother (Barbara Harris) switch bodies for a day, getting to experience life from the other’s perspective. They soon find that life as both a teenager and a housewife is incredibly hectic, as Harris attempts to […]

Poor Little Rich Girl (1936)

“That kid in there’s a novelty — just what we need for our act!” Synopsis: The only daughter (Shirley Temple) of a wealthy widower (Michael Whalen) is suddenly on her own when her caretaker (Sara Haden) is accidentally killed while taking her to boarding school. Soon Temple joins forces with a pair of married musical […]

Barkleys of Broadway, The (1949)

“You’re wasted in musical comedy. You could be a great tragic actress!” Synopsis: Popular dancing duo Dinah (Ginger Rogers) and Josh (Fred Astaire) Barkley find their marriage and their joint career threatened when Rogers meets a French playwright and director (Jacques Francois) who leads her to believe that her true calling is serious drama. Genres: […]