Two English Girls / Deux Anglaises et le Continent, Le (1971)

“They stopped by a river full of torrents: they decided the tumbling water was like Ann, the eddies like Claude, the peaceful pools like Muriel.” Synopsis: In the early 20th century, a young Frenchman (Jean-Pierre Leaud) befriends two English sisters — Ann (Kika Markham) and Muriel (Stacey Tendeter) — while living with them and their […]

Fahrenheit 451 (1966)

“We burn them to ashes, and then burn the ashes — that’s our official motto.” Synopsis: In an anti-literate future where citizens are discouraged from independent thinking, firemen like Montag (Oskar Werner) burn the books they find hidden in people’s homes. Montag’s wife, Linda (Julie Christie), is perfectly content remaining sedated through pills and watching […]

Day for Night / Nuit Américaine, Le (1973)

“Shooting a movie is like a stagecoach ride in the old west. At first you hope for a nice trip; soon you just hope to reach your destination.” Synopsis: With his loyal script girl (Nathalie Baye) by his side, a director (Francois Truffaut) making an innocuous romantic drama in Nice experiences seemingly endless troubles with […]

Wild Child, The (1970)

“I think the only cause of his dumbness is the isolation in which he lived.” Synopsis: In 18th century France, Dr. Itard (Francois Truffaut) assumes responsibility for training a young boy (Jean-Pierre Cargol) found living feral in the forest — but he soon begins to question exactly how much he can teach Cargol, who may […]

Silkwood (1983)

“I think you’d do just about anything to shut down this plant.” Synopsis: A nuclear factory employee named Karen Silkwood (Meryl Streep) is distressed to learn that her company may be engaging in less-than-safe practices — but as she becomes more active in her local union, she finds herself increasingly isolated from her co-workers, who […]

Jules and Jim (1962)

“Jim accepted it. She belonged to Jules.” Synopsis: In pre-WWI Paris, a pair of close friends — Austrian Jules (Oskar Werner) and Frenchman Jim (Henri Serre) — both fall for a free-spirited young woman named Catherine (Jeanne Moreau), but Jules claims her for his own, which Jim accepts. Soon, however, Jules realizes that Catherine is […]

Woman Next Door, The (1981)

“Love affairs must have a beginning, a middle, and an end.” Synopsis: A man (Gerard Depardieu) living happily with his wife (Michele Baumgartner) and child (Olivier Becquaert) is disconcerted to learn that a former lover (Fanny Ardant) has moved in next door with her new husband (Henri Garcin). Soon Depardieu and Ardant have renewed their […]

Soft Skin, The (1964)

“I’ve discovered life wasn’t what I expected lately.” Synopsis: A successful middle-aged writer (Jean Desailly) begins an affair with a beautiful young stewardess (Francoise Dorleac), but quickly finds it more challenging than he realized to hide the affair from his wife (Nelly Benedetti) and colleagues. Genres: Francois Truffaut Films French Films Infidelity Review: Francois Truffaut’s […]

Officer and a Gentleman, An (1982)

“You can kick me out of here, but I ain’t quittin’.” Synopsis: A headstrong Naval Aviation Officer candidate (Richard Gere) with a troubled past butts heads with his hard-nosed drill sergeant (Louis Gosset, Jr.) while engaging in a no-commitment romance with a local girl (Debra Winger). Genres: Debra Winger Films Military Richard Gere Films Romance […]

Green Room, The (1978)

“The dead belong to us, as soon as we agree to belong to them.” Synopsis: In the wake of WWI, a widowed journalist (Francois Truffaut) obsessed with honoring the memory of his deceased wife builds a shrine to her existence. While at an auction, he meets a young woman (Natalie Baye) who possesses a similar […]