Horse Feathers (1932)

“You’ve got the brain of a four-year-old boy — and I’ll bet he was glad to get rid of it.” Synopsis: The new president (Groucho Marx) of Huxley University hires two bumbling spies (Chico and Harpo Marx) to help his institution win a big football game against a rival university. Genres: College Comedy Football Marx […]

Cocoanuts, The (1929)

“When the necklace is found missing, someone has got to be blamed — why not them?” Synopsis: At a struggling Florida hotel owned by Groucho Marx, the sole paying guest (Margaret Dumont) tries to convince her daughter (Mary Eaton) to marry a more socially acceptable man (Cyril Ring) than the hotel clerk (Oscar Shaw) she’s […]

Tabu (1931)

“Sacred is Reri from this time forth. She is Tabu. To break this Tabu means death.” Synopsis: A pearl diver (Matahi) falls in love with a beautiful girl (Anne Chevalier) who is soon selected as her island’s “holy maid”, and thus becomes “tabu” for any man. The young couple sneak away and sail to freedom […]

House of Dracula (1945)

“I believe anything can happen, in a person’s mind.” Synopsis: Dracula (John Carradine) and the Wolf Man (Lon Chaney, Jr.) both seek the help of Dr. Edelmann (Onslow Stevens) in curing their ailments; soon the Wolf Man stumbles upon the body of Frankenstein’s monster (Glenn Strange), who Dr. Edelmann decides to revive. Genres: Frankenstein Horror […]

Son of Dracula (1943)

“Ours will be a different life, without material needs — a life that will last for eternity!” Synopsis: Hungarian Count Alucard (Lon Chaney, Jr.) arrives in the deep south, where he promptly marries an occult-obsessed girl (Louise Allbritton) engaged to her childhood sweetheart (Robert Paige). Meanwhile, the town doctor (Frank Craven) and a psychologist well-versed […]

Love Happy (1949)

“This is not the right can!” Synopsis: A detective (Groucho Marx) relates the story of a case he helped solve, in which a mute kleptomaniac clown (Harpo Marx) assisting a penniless theater troupe accidentally steals a can of sardines with valuable diamonds in them, and faces the wrath of the woman (Ilona Massey) who intends […]

Duck Soup (1933)

“But there must be a war. I’ve paid a month’s rent on the battlefield!” Synopsis: A wealthy socialite (Margaret Dumont) with a crush on zany Rufus T. Firefly (Groucho Marx) insists that he be elected president of the troubled country of Freedonia; meanwhile, the ambassador (Louis Calhern) of Freedonia’s rival, Sylvania, enlists the help of […]

Night of the Hunter, The (1955)

“There’s too many of them. I can’t kill the world.” Synopsis: A psychopathic preacher (Robert Mitchum) learns that his cellmate (Peter Graves) has hidden $10,000 in stolen money somewhere in his home. Once he’s out of jail, Mitchum woos and marries Graves’ widow (Shelley Winters), hoping to get her children (Billy Chapin and Sally Jane […]

Monsieur Beaucaire (1946)

“Listen to me, Beaucaire — your life is in danger!” Synopsis: During the reign of Louis XV (Reginald Owen), a French barber (Bob Hope) who has recently been spurned by his ambitious girlfriend (Joan Caulfield) is forced to impersonate a duke (Patric Knowles), whose upcoming marriage to a Spanish princess (Marjorie Reynolds) will supposedly stop […]

Night of the Ghouls / Revenge of the Dead (1959)

“Monsters! Space people! Mad doctors! They didn’t teach me about such things in the police academy!” Synopsis: A pair of detectives (Duke Moore and Paul Marco) are sent to investigate a suspicious spiritualist named Dr. Acula (Kenne Duncan), who works in cahoots with a fake ghost (Valda Hansen) to convince wealthy clients that they are […]