Million Dollar Legs (1932)

“What the country needs is money, and it’s up to you to get it for me!” Synopsis: The president (W.C. Fields) of Klopstokia tasks the suitor (Jackie Oakie) of his daughter (Anne Fleming) with raising money for his bankrupt country. When Oakie realizes how athletic all of Klopstokia’s citizens are, he decides to enter them […]

Never Give a Sucker an Even Break (1941)

“He didn’t get that nose from playing ping-pong.” Synopsis: W.C. Fields (as himself) tries to convince movie producer Franklin Pangborn (as himself) to make a surreal movie starring Fields and his singing niece, Gloria Jean. Genres: Comedy Hollywood W.C. Fields Films Response to Peary‚Äôs Review: Peary argues that this “last starring role” for W.C. Fields […]

Sally of the Sawdust (1925)

“I don’t believe that talk, Henry. I believe she is a good girl, no matter what anyone says.” Synopsis: Carnival cardsharp Eustace McGargle (W.C. Fields) adopts the daughter (Carol Dempster) of a society woman who ran away from her disapproving parents (Erville Alderson and Effie Shannon) after marrying a circus man. When Sally (Dempster) grows […]

Blackmail (1929)

“Detectives in glass houses shouldn’t wave clues.” Synopsis: The flirtatious girlfriend (Anny Ondra) of a Scotland Yard detective (John Longden) accompanies an artist (Cyril Ritchard) to his apartment one night and ends up killing him with a knife when he tries to rape her. A loiterer (Donald Calthrop) sees Longden leaving the scene of the […]

Nutty Professor, The (1963)

“Professor Kelp’s just the kind of guy who might fool you.” Synopsis: Julius Kelp (Jerry Lewis) — a nerdy chemistry professor with a crush on a beautiful student (Stella Stevens) — develops a potion which turns him into a narcissistic, womanizing singer named Buddy Love. Genres: Comedy Jerry Lewis Films Mad Doctors and Scientists Multiple […]

Patsy, The (1964)

“Now listen, and listen carefully — this kid can and will be whatever we want him to be.” Synopsis: When a famous comedian dies in a plane crash, his creative entourage (Everett Sloan, Ina Balin, John Carradine, Keenan Wynn, Phil Harris, and Peter Lorre) decides to turn a bumbling bellboy named Stanley (Jerry Lewis) into […]

Scared Stiff (1953)

“You may joke, my dear, but unfortunately, the legends about the castle are not to be taken lightly.” Synopsis: A dimwitted busboy (Jerry Lewis) and his buddy — a nightclub singer (Dean Martin) who wrongly believes he’s murdered a gangster — stow away on a cruise ship to Havana, and befriend a woman (Lizabeth Scott) […]

Errand Boy, The (1961)

“From the first day I got here, I’ve caused everybody nothing but trouble.” Synopsis: A clumsy errand boy (Jerry Lewis) on the Paramutual Pictures lot is tasked by its studio head (Brian Donlevy) with spying on all its employees, to determine where money is being wasted — but instead, all Morty (Lewis) seems capable of […]

My Favorite Brunette (1947)

“I wanted to become a detective, too. It only took brains, courage, and a gun — and I had a gun.” Synopsis: A baby photographer (Bob Hope) mistaken for a private eye is hired by a desperate young woman (Dorothy Lamour) to help her track down her missing uncle (Frank Puglia), who has been kidnapped […]

Family Jewels, The (1965)

“People can do funny things for 30 million dollars — even brothers!” Synopsis: A wealthy orphan (Donna Butterworth) cared for by her kind chauffeur (Jerry Lewis) must choose which of her five uncles (all played by Jerry Lewis) she wants to live with. Genres: Comedy Heiresses Inheritance Jerry Lewis Films Kidnapping Orphans Review: The Family […]