Love Me Or Leave Me (1955)

“I’ve had enough! It’s up to here for me. From now on, I’m number one!” Synopsis: Aspiring singer Ruth Etting (Doris Day) marries a gangster (Jimmy Cagney) who helps her make a name for herself — but she continues to hold romantic feelings towards her pianist (Cameron Mitchell). Genres: Aspiring Stars Biopics Doris Day Films […]

Altered States (1980)

“There’s a physiological pathway to our earlier consciousnesses. There has to be.” Synopsis: In search of the Ultimate Truth, a determined psychiatrist (William Hurt) takes hallucinatory drugs and undergoes sensory deprivation — but when he starts experiencing physiological changes, his wife (Blair Brown) and colleagues (Bob Balaban and Charles Haid) begin to fear for his […]

Hans Christian Andersen (1952)

“That’s the nice thing about the world, my friend: people.” Synopsis: A storytelling cobbler named Hans Christian Andersen (Danny Kaye) falls in love with a ballerina (Jeanmarie) he believes is being abused by her domineering husband (Farley Granger). Genres: Ballet Biopics Danny Kaye Films Farley Granger Films John Qualen Films Musicals Obsessive Love Review: I […]

Kid From Brooklyn, The (1946)

“What a wit, what a clown — what a fighter!” Synopsis: When a bumbling milkman (Danny Kaye) accidentally knocks out a prize fighter (Steve Cochran), he becomes an overnight media sensation, and soon finds himself taken advantage of by an unscrupulous manager (Walter Abel). Genres: Boxing Corruption Danny Kaye Films Musicals Virginia Mayo Films Review: […]

Milky Way, The (1936)

“I’m just as surprised as you are — I could swear I missed him!” Synopsis: When a timid milkman (Harold Lloyd) accidentally knocks out a prize fighter (William Gargan), a corrupt manager (Adolph Menjou) hires him for a series of fixed fights, and he soon develops an enormous ego — much to the distress of […]

Landlord, The (1970)

“I just don’t understand your sudden interest in those kind of people.” Synopsis: A wealthy white man (Beau Bridges) purchases a rundown tenement in Brooklyn, intending to convert it into a ritzy apartment — but soon he finds himself deeply enmeshed in the lives of his black tenants, and his plans begin to shift. Genres: […]

Harold and Maude (1971)

“Tell me about yourself. What do you do when you aren’t visiting funerals?” Synopsis: The depressed grown son (Bud Cort) of an overbearing mother (Vivian Pickles) meets a vivacious older woman (Ruth Gordon) and falls in love. Genres: Black Comedy Bud Cort Films Death and Dying Hal Ashby Films May-December Romance Misfits Nonconformists Ruth Gordon […]

Heartbreak Kid, The (1972)

“I married a grouch!” Synopsis: A newlywed (Charles Grodin) falls in love with a gorgeous blonde (Cybill Shepherd) he meets on his honeymoon, and suddenly realizes he should never have married his wife (Jeannie Berlin). Genres: Black Comedy Cross-Class Romance Cybill Shepherd Films Elaine May Films Marital Problems Neil Simon Films Newlyweds Response to Peary’s […]

Zazie / Zazie dans le Metro (1960)

“All Paris is a dream; Zazie is a reverie.” Synopsis: A young girl (Catherine Demongeot) visiting her aunt (Carla Marlier) and uncle (Philippe Noiret) in Paris runs away to explore the city. Genres: Black Comedy French Films Literature Adaptation Louis Malle Films Runaways Review: It’s difficult to describe just how uniquely surreal Louis Malle’s adaptation […]

I Wake Up Screaming (1941)

“She had youth, looks, a good figure. What more do you want? Synopsis: When an aspiring model (Carole Landis) is killed, her sister (Betty Grable) and her agent (Victor Mature) are questioned by a menacing police detective (Laird Cregar); meanwhile, they try to solve the murder mystery, and find themselves falling in love. Genres: Amateur […]