Anatahan (1953)

“Nothing that happens to another human being is alien to us: there, but for the grace of God, go I.” Synopsis: During WWII, a group of shipwrecked Japanese sailors land on the rocky island of Anatahan, where they encounter a man (Tadashi Suganuma) and his common-law wife (Akemi Negishi) living in a shack. Over the […]

Pumpkin Eater, The (1964)

“There’s life beyond birth.” Synopsis: A twice-married woman (Anne Bancroft) with many children marries a screenwriter (Peter Finch), but their happiness is short-lived due to his chronic infidelity. Genres: Anne Bancroft Films Flashback Films Infidelity Jack Clayton Films James Mason Films Maggie Smith Films Marital Problems Mental Breakdown Peter Finch Films Pregnancy Review: Harold Pinter’s […]

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? (1969)

“I may not know a winner when I see one, but I sure know a loser.” Synopsis: During the Depression, a group of down-on-their-luck contestants — including Jane Fonda, Michael Sarrazin, Red Buttons, Susannah York, Bruce Dern, and Bonnie Bedelia — compete in a brutal dance marathon hosted by Gig Young. Genres: Bonnie Bedelia Films […]

Wedding, A (1978)

“You know, weddings are the happiest events I could possibly dream of — and yet somehow, when they’re over, it’s always so sad.” Synopsis: Intrigue and chaos abound at the society wedding of a working-class redhead (Amy Stryker) and her half-Italian fiance (Desi Arnaz Jr.). Genres: Carol Burnett Films Class Relations Comedy Ensemble Cast Family […]

Pennies From Heaven (1981)

“There must be someplace where them songs are for real…” Synopsis: During the Depression, a philandering salesman (Steve Martin) cheats on his wife (Jessica Harper) with a naive schoolteacher (Bernadette Peters) who becomes a prostitute when Martin fails to return. Genres: Christopher Walken Films Depression Era Herbert Ross Films Infidelity Musicals Salesmen Steve Martin Films […]

Times of Harvey Milk, The (1984)

“I know that you cannot live on hope alone, but without it, life is not worth living.” Synopsis: Openly-gay politician Harvey Milk finally achieves a seat on San Francisco’s city council, only to be assassinated shortly thereafter by his bitter colleague, Dan White. Genres: Biopics Documentary Homosexuality Review: Rob Epstein’s Oscar-winning documentary about the tragic […]

Hold Your Man (1933)

“I got two rules when I go out visiting: keep away from couches and stay on your feet.” Synopsis: Two con-artists (Clark Gable and Jean Harlow) fall in love, but are separated when pregnant Ruby (Harlow) takes the rap for Eddie (Gable) and is sent to a reform school. Genres: Clark Gable Films Con-Artists Jean […]

Confessions of a Window Cleaner (1974)

“In our business you’ve got to be immune from shocks — especially from birds!” Synopsis: A clumsy young window cleaner (Robin Askwith) working for his brother-in-law (Anthony Booth) finds it easy to bed his scantily-clad female clients, but really wants to date a sexy female cop (Linda Hayden). Genres: Comedy Sexuality Review: Confessions of a […]

Grey Gardens (1975)

“I only care about three things: the Catholic church, swimming, and dancing.” Synopsis: Edith Beale and her daughter, “Little” Edie (Jacqueline Kennedy’s cousin), live together in a decaying East Hampton mansion known as Grey Gardens. Genres: Documentary Grown Children Nonconformists Review: After the success of their documentary chronicling the Rolling Stones’ tragic Altamont Speedway concert […]

Whistler, The (1944)

“Do you know that some people actually die of fright?” Synopsis: A man (Richard Dix) despondent over the death of his wife puts out a contract on his own life; when he discovers his wife is still alive, however, he tries to reverse the contract, only to find that the man he originally contacted (Don […]