Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)

“We don’t know why we do all these things… We don’t know how it all started.” Synopsis: Two orphans (Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann) with psychic powers and vague memories of surviving a watery crash are discovered by a man (Donald Pleasance) working for a greedy tycoon (Ray Milland) eager to exploit the kids’ powers […]

Wetherby (1985)

“I thought I could get over it — but now, everywhere, the darkness beckons.” Synopsis: When a mysterious young man (Tim McInnerny) shows up at her house after a dinner party with friends (Ian Holm, Judi Dench, Tom Wilkinson, and Marjorie Yates) and shoots himself, a schoolteacher (Vanessa Redgrave) reminsces on her past as a […]

‘Gator Bait (1974)

“Ain’t much different killin’ gators and killin’ coonies — just messier, that’s all.” Synopsis: When the son (Clyde Ventura) of a backwoods sheriff (Bill Thurman) accidentally kills his friend (Ben Sebastian) while attempting to rape a Cajun poacher (Claudia Jennings), he lies and claims Jennings was the murderer. Thurman, Ventura, Sebastian’s father (Sam Gilman), and […]

Which Way is Up? (1977)

“Which way is up, sucker? You forget who you are and where you came from?” Synopsis: An orchard worker (Richard Pryor) living with his wife (Margaret Avery), his horny father (also Richard Pryor), and many others in a tiny house accidentally becomes aligned with a protest movement and is forced out of town by his […]

Peary Interviewed on Podcast

Click here for a podcast interview in which Danny Peary talks about his film review career (including writing this book) for 2.5 hours. It’s very informative! is mentioned at 2:06:40. Speaking of that — since launching this site in 2006, I’ve written 2,231 reviews of titles in GFTFF (1,327 from the back of the […]

Love Me Tonight (1932)

“Nothing could be commoner than a commoner who’s a tailor!” Synopsis: A tailor (Maurice Chevalier) seeking money owed to him by a spendthrift nobleman (Charles Ruggles) is given the identity of a baron when he arrives at a castle overseen by Ruggles’ ducal uncle (C. Aubrey Smith). Smith’s nymphomaniac niece (Myrna Loy) immediately makes a […]

Boom Town (1940)

“You’re my girl, see? And you always will be — even if I have to lick you to prove it.” Synopsis: Two aspiring oil barons — “Big” John McMasters (Clark Gable) and “Square” John Sand (Spencer Tracy) — become business partners, but find their relationship strained when Gable marries Tracy’s would-be love interest (Claudette Colbert). […]

Big Trail, The (1930)

“We can’t turn back — we’re blazing a trail that started in England.” Synopsis: A frontiersman (John Wayne) seeking revenge on the man who killed his trapping partner agrees to lead a wagon trail headed west, not knowing the man he’s looking for is actually the sinister wagon boss (Tyrone Power, Sr.). Meanwhile, he falls […]

Wells Fargo (1937)

“In the old days, we had one important rule: get there.” Synopsis: An ambitious messenger (Joel McCrea) for the Wells Fargo Company in pre-Civil War America helps shape the future of communication and banking across the states while maintaining a long-distance marriage with his southern wife (Frances Dee). Genres: Frances Dee Films Historical Drama Joel […]

Dust Be My Destiny (1939)

“As far as they’re concerned, I’m hanging by the neck already!” Synopsis: An ex-con (John Garfield) embittered about being wrongly imprisoned is picked up for train-hopping and sent to a work farm, where he falls in love with the stepdaughter (Priscilla Lane) of a cruel foreman (Stanley Ridges) who dies shortly after a fight. On […]