Suddenly (1954)

“There’s cruelty and hatred and tyranny in the world. You can’t make believe they aren’t there.” Synopsis: A widowed mother (Nancy Gates), her young son (Kim Charney), and her father-in-law (James Gleason) become trapped in their house along with the local sheriff (Sterling Hayden) and a television repairman (James O’Hara) when a crazed assassin (Frank […]

Incredible Journey, The (1963)

“From the very start, the travelers had adopted a certain marching order.” Synopsis: Two dogs and a cat leave their temporary caretaker (Emile Genest) in search of their owners, and soon find themselves on a truly incredible adventure across the Canadian wilderness. Genres: Friendship Pets Road Trip Survival Review: Disney’s first live action adaptation of […]

Saratoga (1937)

“You don’t belong at the track. What do you know about handicapping horses?” Synopsis: The daughter (Jean Harlow) of a recently deceased gambler (Jonathan Hale) tries to earn back her family home through gambling rather than relying on her wealthy fiance (Walter Pidgeon), but finds her efforts complicated when she falls for her father’s bookkeeper-friend […]

Three Musketeers, The (1939)

“Don’t worry: no noose is good noose.” Synopsis: In 17th century France, D’Artagnan (Don Ameche) falls in love with a lady (Pauline Moore) in the court of King Louis XIII (Joseph Schildkraut), whose chief cardinal (Miles Mander) enlists the help of evil Milady De Winter (Binnie Barnes) and De Rochefort (Lionel Atwill) in disgracing the […]

Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972)

“Fortune smiles on the brave and spits on the coward.” Synopsis: When a mad Spanish conquistador (Klaus Kinski) rebels against the leader (Ruy Guerra) of an expeditionary crew sent by Francisco Pizarro in search of fabled El Dorado on the Amazon River, the fortunes of Kinski’s entire crew — including Guerra’s wife (Helene Rojo), Kinski’s […]

Dodge City (1939)

“We’re the public disgrace of America.” Synopsis: A wagon train driver (Errol Flynn) falls for the beautiful sister (Olivia de Havilland) of an immature young man (William Lundigan) who is accidentally killed in a cattle stampede. Meanwhile, he reluctantly agrees to become sheriff of a town dominated by a corrupt cattle buyer (John Cabot). Genres: […]

Don’t Knock the Rock (1956)

“Rock ‘n roll is for morons!” Synopsis: A hot young crooner (Alan Dale) attempts to get away from clamoring crowds of groupies by returning to his hometown, where he learns that its conservative mayor (Pierre Watkins) and a local columnist (Fay Baker) disapprove of rock ‘n roll’s influence on youth. Things quickly become even more […]

Brother Orchid (1940)

“I always was a great guy for orchids. That’ll be my new tag: Brother Orchid.” Synopsis: Before a crime lord (Edward G. Robinson) travels to Europe in search of some “class”, he helps his loyal girlfriend (Ann Sothern) secure a job and leaves his territory in the hands of an underling (Humphrey Bogart). Upon his […]

Mark of Zorro, The (1940)

“How could I refuse a man anything with a naked sword in his hand?” Synopsis: A 19th century Spanish don (Tyrone Power) is shocked to find that his father (Montagu Love) has been replaced as governor of Los Angeles by a corrupt alcalde (J. Edward Bromberg). Donning a mask, Power becomes “Zorro” the masked avenger, […]

Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl (1982)

“They’re a typical Hollywood audience: all the kids are on drugs and all the adults are on roller skates.” Synopsis: Monty Python’s comedy troupe performs live in front of an audience at the Hollywood Bowl. Genres: Comedy Monty Python Films Review: Peary lists all five Monty Python feature films in his GFTFF: And Now For […]