Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958)

“Something ain’t right: you’re childless, and my son drinks.” Synopsis: A dying patriarch (Burl Ives) and his wife (Judith Anderson) celebrate Ives’ birthday with their two grown sons: an alcoholic ex-athlete (Paul Newman) whose childless wife (Elizabeth Taylor) is desperate for sexual attention, and a man (Jack Carson) whose pregnant wife (Madeleine Sherwood) wants to […]

National Velvet (1944)

“I, too, believe that everyone should have a chance at a breathtaking piece of folly once in his life.” Synopsis: With the help of an itinerant trainer (Mickey Rooney) — and the blessing of her mother (Anne Revere) — the 12-year-old daughter (Elizabeth Taylor) of a small-town butcher (Donald Crisp) enters her horse, the Pie, […]

Donkey Skin (1971)

“I love you, my daughter, and wish to marry you.” Synopsis: A king (Jean Marais) whose dying wife (Micheline Presle) makes him promise he will only remarry if he can find someone wiser and more beautiful than herself decides that his grown daughter (Catherine Deneuve) is the sole suitable candidate. After seeking advice from her […]

Only Game in Town, The (1970)

“I’m making jokes because I’m scared, but I’ve never been more serious in my life.” Synopsis: A Vegas showgirl (Elizabeth Taylor) has an affair with a gambling-addicted musician (Warren Beatty) while waiting for her married lover (Charles Braswell) to finally get a divorce — but when her opportunity for a lasting union arrives, will she […]

Breaking the Sound Barrier (1952)

“It was almost as if I’d suddenly run into a solid sheet of water…” Synopsis: An RAF pilot (Nigel Patrick) marries the daughter (Ann Todd) of an airplane manufacturing magnate (Ralph Richardson) who is determined to send a test pilot through the sound barrier. Genres: Airplanes and Pilots David Lean Films Ralph Richardson Films Science […]

Silver Streak (1976)

“If there’s one thing I have learned from this trip it’s that you play the game, and take what you get.” Synopsis: A book editor (Gene Wilder) meets a beautiful secretary (Jill Clayburgh) while travelling onboard a train called the Silver Streak. After seeing the man Clayburgh works for hanging dead outside a window, he […]

Below the Belt (1980)

“She’s stronger than she looks — I’m working on the image!” Synopsis: A waitress (Regina Baff) tries her luck as a female wrestler, travelling across the United States with a group of diverse and determined women. Genres: Character Arc Feminism and Women’s Issues Road Trip Strong Females Underdogs Wrestling Review: A year before Robert Aldrich’s […]

Circle of Iron (1978)

“Whatever you think I am — or want me to be — I am.” Synopsis: After being formally defeated in a fight overseen by a leader in a white robe (Roddy McDowell), a warrior (Jeff Cooper) seeking a mysterious seer named Zetan (Christopher Lee) finds unexpected assistance from a blind, martially-talented flute-player (David Carradine). Genres: […]

Prizefighter and the Lady, The (1933)

“He’s just a big kid — playful and thoughtless.” Synopsis: As a beefy bartender (Max Baer) begins training with a washed-up boxing promoter (Walter Huston), he falls for the singing moll (Myrna Loy) of a gangster (Otto Krueger), who is primarily worried about Loy’s happiness given Baer’s enormous ego and roving eye. Genres: Boxing Love […]

Viva Las Vegas (1964)

“Can you check my motor? It whistles.” Synopsis: A musically talented racer (Elvis Presley) hoping to win enough money in Vegas to buy a motor for his car vies with an Italian count (Cesare Danova) for the affections of a beautiful pool manager (Ann-Margret). Genres: Ann-Margret Films Car Racing Elvis Presley Films Love Triangle Musicals […]