They Made Me a Criminal (1939)

“From now on, you’ve got to be afraid!” Synopsis: A prizewinning boxer (John Garfield) whose shady manager (Robert Gleckler) accidentally kills a snoopy reporter (John Ridgely) and is then killed in a fiery car crash while making off with Garfield’s girlfriend (Ann Sheridan) is falsely accused of murder and presumed dead. Garfield goes undercover and […]

Gold Diggers of 1937 (1936)

“I’ve promised him that we’re going to put this show on!” Synopsis: A hypochondriac millionaire (Victor Moore) whose business managers (Osgood Perkins and Charles D. Brown) have gambled away his savings convince him to purchase an insurance policy — secretly hoping he will die soon so they can cash in — from an agent (Dick […]

Dynamite Chicken (1971)

“What is obscene?” Synopsis: Richard Pryor appears intermittently in this collage of skits, spoofs, and commentary on countercultural topics, including war, sex, feminism, patriotism, politics, and obscenity. Genres: Counterculture Experimental Films Richard Pryor Films Satires and Spoofs Review: It’s difficult to know what to make of — or say about — this experimental pastiche of […]

Valley Girl (1983)

“Nobody’s going to tell me who I can score with!” Synopsis: A popular “valley girl” (Deborah Foreman) breaks up with her boring boyfriend (Michael Bowen) and begins dating a guy (Nicolas Guy) from across town — but soon her friends peer-pressure her into rethinking her romantic choices. Genres: Cross-Class Romance Nicolas Cage Films Teenagers Review: […]

Fire Over England (1937)

“I have seen blacker fears turn to hopes. Hope on, until you know there is none.” Synopsis: A loyal supporter (Laurence Olivier) of Queen Elizabeth I (Flora Robson) — happily engaged to one of her ladies-in-waiting (Vivien Leigh) — agrees to replace a killed agent (James Mason) as a spy in the courts of King […]

Designing Woman (1957)

“How is it you cannot stand the sight of blood on anyone except me? Synopsis: A sports writer (Gregory Peck) and a fashion designer (Lauren Bacall) fall in love and marry in a hurry, but soon find their social circles aren’t exactly compatible. Genres: Gregory Peck Films Lauren Bacall Films Marital Problems Romantic Comedy Vincente […]

Far From Vietnam (1967)

“America wants to show that the revolutionary struggle can only fail.” Synopsis: Various French directors voice their strong anti-Vietnam War sentiments in this compiled documentary about America’s involvement in the country’s civil war. Genres: Alain Resnais Films Documentary Episodic Films French Films Godard Films Revolutionaries Vietnam War Review: French director-essayist “Chris Marker” spearheaded this collective […]

Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)

“We don’t know why we do all these things… We don’t know how it all started.” Synopsis: Two orphans (Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann) with psychic powers and vague memories of surviving a watery crash are discovered by a man (Donald Pleasance) working for a greedy tycoon (Ray Milland) eager to exploit the kids’ powers […]

Wetherby (1985)

“I thought I could get over it — but now, everywhere, the darkness beckons.” Synopsis: When a mysterious young man (Tim McInnerny) shows up at her house after a dinner party with friends (Ian Holm, Judi Dench, Tom Wilkinson, and Marjorie Yates) and shoots himself, a schoolteacher (Vanessa Redgrave) reminsces on her past as a […]

‘Gator Bait (1974)

“Ain’t much different killin’ gators and killin’ coonies — just messier, that’s all.” Synopsis: When the son (Clyde Ventura) of a backwoods sheriff (Bill Thurman) accidentally kills his friend (Ben Sebastian) while attempting to rape a Cajun poacher (Claudia Jennings), he lies and claims Jennings was the murderer. Thurman, Ventura, Sebastian’s father (Sam Gilman), and […]