Anna Christie (1930)

“It’s all a man’s fault, giving you the wrong start.” Synopsis: A tugboat captain (George F. Marion) asks his alcoholic mistress (Marie Dressler) to move off his boat when he learns his grown daughter (Greta Garbo) — who he hasn’t seen since she was a young child – is coming to visit him. Garbo keeps […]

Diary of a Lost Girl (1929)

“Be reasonable, my child. You don’t have a shirt on your back.” Synopsis: The virginal daughter (Louise Brooks) of a pharmacist (Josef Rovensky) is raped and impregnated by his business associate (Fritz Rasp), then sent by her father and his new housemaid-turned-wife (Franziska Kinz) to a reform school run by a pair of sadists (Andrews […]

Disraeli (1929)

“I say he’s a dreamer — a dangerous visionary.” Synopsis: British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli (George Arliss) receives support from his loving wife (Florence Arliss) while attempting to purchase the Suez Canal. Meanwhile, he craftily prevent a Russian spy (Doris Lloyd) from passing along state secrets, and encourages a young nobleman (Anthony Bushell) to act […]

Big House, The (1930)

“The whole prison system is cockeyed!” Synopsis: A man (Robert Montgomery) in prison for manslaughter is bunked with a petty thief (Chester Morris) and a burly inmate (Wallace Beery) who dreams of escape. During a brief stint on the lam, Morris falls for Montgomery’s sister (Leila Hyams) — but when he’s caught and re-sentenced, he […]

$ (1971)

“If we didn’t have thieves, we wouldn’t need banks.” Synopsis: A security expert (Warren Beatty) working for a German bank collaborates with a call girl (Goldie Hawn) to determine which safety deposit boxes contain dirty money, then engineers an elaborate heist. However, when the burgled cons (Scott Brady, Robert Webber and Arthur Brauss) learn they’ve […]

Arthur (1981)

“Grow up, Arthur — you’d make a fine adult.” Synopsis: An alcoholic playboy (Dudley Moore) is forced by his stern great-aunt (Geraldine Fitzgerald) and father (Thomas Barbour) to marry an heiress (Jill Eikenberry) with a domineering dad (Stephen Elliott) or lose his fortune — however, when he falls in love with a quirky waitress (Liza […]

Eagle and the Hawk, The (1933)

“I didn’t expect to be a chauffeur to a graveyard, driving men to their death day after day!” Synopsis: An American fighter pilot (Fredric March) refuses to fly with a reconnaissance photographer (Cary Grant) who he believes is overly eager to shoot down the enemy. Genres: Airplanes and Pilots Carole Lombard Films Cary Grant Films […]

Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939)

“I don’t see how you could ever get old, in a world that’s always young.” Synopsis: A shy schoolmaster (Robert Donat) gains a new lease on life when he marries a beautiful woman (Greer Garson) he meets while vacationing in Germany, and quickly becomes a vital fixture at his venerable school, Brookfield Academy. Genres: Greer […]

Pilgrimage (1933)

“All right, son: if you love her, you can’t love me.” Synopsis: A domineering widow (Henrietta Crosman) is so disapproving of her son (Norman Foster) dating a girl (Marion Nixon) from “across the tracks” that she signs her son up to fight in World War I, where he’s killed. Years later, Crosman refuses to interact […]

Count of Monte Cristo, The (1934)

“It was not my sword, Mondego, but your past that disarmed you!” Synopsis: During the time of Napoleon’s exile, a falsely accused sailor (Robert Donat) escapes from a dungeon with the help of his secret cellmate (O.P. Heggle), who tells him about hidden treasure on the deserted island of Monte Cristo. Donat emerges under a […]