Topkapi (1964)

“I’m going to have it — it has to be mine.” Synopsis: A nymphomaniac, jewel-obsessed thief (Melina Mercouri) enlists the help of her former lover (Maximilian Schell) in pulling together a crew — including a mechanical genius (Robert Morley), a mute “human fly” (Gilles Segal), a muscleman (Jess Hahn), and a driver (Peter Ustinov) — […]

Giant Behemoth, The (1959)

“The ocean is my province, gentlemen, but how little we know about it. We only touch the surface with our lines and our dragnets, our diving suits and bathyscapes. For all we know, what we have started may have already matured… And who can tell when this — this — whatever it is, will rise […]

River’s Edge (1986)

“That’s it? He murders Jamie and we just ignore it?” Synopsis: When a teen (Daniel Roebuck) tells his friends (Crispin Glover, Keanu Reeves, Ione Skye Letch, Roxana Zal, and Josh Richman) that he just murdered his girlfriend (Danyi Deats), they react with surprising nonchalance — until Layne (Glover) decides they need to protect their friend […]

Kongo (1932)

“My one purpose in life is to see that sneer turn into fear!” Synopsis: A crippled, monomaniacal magician (Walter Huston) who holds sway over a tribe of African natives seeks revenge on his wife’s lover (C. Henry Gordon) by torturing Gordon’s daughter (Virginia Bruce), who was raised in a convent before being brought to Africa […]

Colossus of New York, The (1958)

“It would have been inhuman to deprive the world of his genius!” Synopsis: When his scientist-son (Ross Martin) is tragically killed, a surgeon (Otto Kruger) enlists the help of his other son (John Baragrey) in transplanting Martin’s brain into a robotic body so he can continue his research — but what will happen when Martin’s […]

Double Life, A (1947)

“I know if we ever got mixed up in an Othello kind of thing, it would be — the end.” Synopsis: An actor (Ronald Colman) with a history of becoming dangerously over-invested in his roles decides to perform as Othello opposite his ex-wife (Signe Hasso), who still loves him but fears his moodiness. While rehearsing, […]

Gorgo (1961)

“This is the 20th century — there must be some way of handling an overgrown animal!” Synopsis: A pair of merchant seamen (Bill Travers and William Sylvester) capture an ancient, dinosaur-like sea monster off the coast of Ireland, and bring him to London to exhibit in a circus — but scientists soon discover that “Gorgo” […]

Merry Widow, The (1934)

“Have you ever had diplomatic relations with a woman?” Synopsis: When a wealthy widow (Jeanette MacDonald) leaves for Paris — thus threatening her small nation’s financial livelihood through loss of tax revenue — the King of Marshovia (George Barbier) orders a playboy captain (Maurice Chevalier) to court her and bring her back. Genres: Ernst Lubitsch […]

Valley of Gwangi, The (1969)

“Just think what you and Miss Breckenridge could do with a dozen Eohippi!” Synopsis: A stuntman (James Franciscus) and a rodeo star (Gila Golan) accompany a paleontologist (Laurence Naismith) and a young guide (Curtis Arden) to Forbidden Valley, where prehistoric creatures roam. Genres: Fantasy Prehistoric Times Prehistoric Times Ray Harryhausen Films Westerns Review: Cowboys meet […]

Naughty Marietta (1935)

“We fight for our living and love at our leisure.” Synopsis: A French princess (Jeanette MacDonald) fleeing a forced marriage goes undercover with a ship of single women bound for marriages in the colony of New Orleans. Their ship is ransacked by pirates, but they’re saved by a troop of mercenaries led by Captain Richard […]