Green Berets, The (1968)

“Out here, due process is a bullet!” Synopsis: A cynical reporter (David Janssen) follows Colonel Kirby (John Wayne) to a post in Vietnam, where Kirby’s special forces troop — including a captain (Edward Faulkner), a supplies specialist (Jim Hutton) who has befriended a young war orphan (Craig Jue), a master sergeant (Aldo Ray), and a […]

Night and the City (1950)

“I’m through hustling for nightclubs — for you or for anybody else!” Synopsis: A small-time American hustler (Richard Widmark) with a loyal girlfriend (Gene Tierney), working on commission for a nightclub owner (Francis L. Sullivan), schemes with Sullivan’s wife (Googie Withers) to raise money for a new venture in London: Greco-Roman wrestling as epitomized by […]

Millhouse: A White Comedy (1967)

“You won’t have Nixon to kick around any more.” Synopsis: Documentarian Emile de Antonio compiles news clips of Richard Nixon, tracing his political career from 1946 to his trajectory to the White House. Genres: Documentary Political Corruption Review: Peary lists a handful of films by documentarian Emile De Antonio in his GFTFF — beginning with […]

Guys and Dolls (1955)

“I am not putting the knock on dolls. It’s just that they are something to have around only when they come in handy — like cough drops.” Synopsis: While trying to schedule an illegal craps game under the watchful eye of Lieutenant Brannigan (Robert Keith), Nathan Detroit (Frank Sinatra) — eager to secure enough money […]

Leave Her to Heaven (1945)

“I love you so, I can’t bear to share you with anybody.” Synopsis: Shortly after the death of her beloved father, a socialite (Gene Tierney) breaks off her engagement with an aspiring politician (Vincent Price) and seduces a writer (Cornel Wilde) into marriage. When it becomes clear how deeply Ellen (Tierney) resents the presence of […]

Maltese Falcon, The (1931)

“I aim to give service at all times — night and day.” Synopsis: While investigating the death of his partner (Walter Long) [whose wife (Thelma Todd) he was having an affair with], a womanizing private eye Sam Spade (Ricardo Cortez) with a loyal secretary (Una Merkel) becomes romantically involved with a beautiful client (Bebe Daniels) […]

Kronos (1957)

“I don’t understand you, Les — you’ve never been so tense about a planetoid before.” Synopsis: When a glowing object from a UFO is shot down from the desert sky, its energy inhabits the body of a trucker (Kenneth Alton) who passes it along to an unsuspecting scientist (John Emery) at a research lab. Emery’s […]

Falcon and the Snowman, The (1985)

“I had no idea the extent of the lie — the level of deception.” Synopsis: The son (Timothy Dalton) of an FBI employee (Pat Hingle) becomes disenchanted in his new job as a military contract clerk when he learns about America’s direct interference in Australian politics, and enlists the help of his childhood friend (Sean […]

Dont Look Back (1967)

“I’ve got my friends… I’m well-situated.” Synopsis: Young Bob Dylan is filmed both on stage and off during his final acoustic tour in England. Genres: Documentary Musicians Review: D.A. Pennebaker’s cinéma vérité documentary about Bob Dylan on tour in England remains a unique and rare glimpse into his early career. From the opening sequence (essentially […]

Arrowsmith (1931)

“Bugs don’t commit suicide… What killed them?” Synopsis: A doctor (Ronald Colman) and his new wife (Helen Hayes) move to her small town, where he starts a practice — but he’s soon wooed by his mentor (A.E. Anson) to New York for a research position, and begins work on a revolutionary serum. When he is […]