Duel in the Sun (1946)

“Under that heathen blanket, there’s a full-blossomed woman built by the devil to drive men crazy!” Synopsis: When her father (Herbert Marshall) is sentenced to death for murdering his Native American wife (Tilly Losch) and her lover (Sidney Blackmer), a young woman named Pearl (Jennifer Jones) goes to live on a ranch with a distant […]

Lady Takes a Chance, A (1943)

“Any fella that can love a horse can love a girl.” Synopsis: A young woman (Jean Arthur) with several competing suitors (Grant Withers, Grady Sutton, and Hans Conried) travels across the country on a tour bus and is accidentally stranded in a small town with a cowboy (John Wayne) she meets at the local rodeo. […]

Sullivans, The / Fighting Sullivans, The (1944)

“Well, I guess that oughta learn us Sullivans to stick together!” Synopsis: Five Irish-American brothers — George (James Cardwell), Frank (John Campbell), Joe (George Offerman, Jr.), Matt (John Alvin), and Al (Edward Ryan) Sullivan — remain close-knit with their sister (Trudy Marshall) and parents (Thomas Mitchell and Selena Royle), even after Ryan marries his sweetheart […]

Louisiana Purchase (1941)

“Shouldn’t you have a bathing suit? The senator might drool.” Synopsis: The head (Bob Hope) of a company caught filching government funds hires a beautiful dancer (Vera Zorina) to ensnare a strait-laced senator (Victor Moore) in a sex scandal — but his plan becomes more complicated when Zorina actually falls for Moore. Genres: Blackmail Bob […]

Sun Never Sets, The (1939)

“There are troublesome things taking place in different parts of the empire today that we don’t like — and don’t quite understand.” Synopsis: A man (Basil Rathbone) serving in the British colony of the Gold Coast returns home with his wife (Barbara O’Neil), hoping to stay in England — but when his tradition-bound grandfather (C. […]

Union Pacific (1939)

“A railroad from Omaha to California? One might as well think of flying!” Synopsis: A shady stock manipulator (Henry Kolker) hires a gambling hall owner (Brian Donlevy) to intentionally stall progress on the Union Pacific railroad, but Donlevy’s partner (Robert Preston) — in love with the Irish daughter (Barbara Stanwyck) of an engineer — finds […]

Oklahoma Kid, The (1939)

“I like all kinds of people… What I don’t take to is this itch for plowing up new empires.” Synopsis: During the Cherokee Strip Land Run, a sheriff (Hugh Sothern) and his son Ned (Harvey Stephens) attempt to stake a claim in a town they will call Tulsa, but must strike a bargain with an […]

Each Dawn I Die (1939)

“Okay, canary — start singin’!” Synopsis: After outing a corrupt gubernatorial candidate and his assistant (Victor Jory), an investigative journalist (James Cagney) is framed for manslaughter and sent to prison, where he meets a gangster (George Raft) who promises to help him clear his name but reneges on this promise once he escapes. Will Cagney’s […]

Jesse James (1939)

“I hate the railroads — and when I hate, I’ve got to do something about it.” Synopsis: When a thuggish railroad goon (Brian Donlevy) accidentally causes the death of their mother (Jane Darwell), brothers Jesse (Tyrone Power) and Frank (Henry Fonda) James become outlaws, robbing trains. With the help of a newly appointed lawman (Randolph […]

If I Were King (1938)

“If it’s so easy to be king, how would you begin?” Synopsis: When medieval poet Francois Villon (Ronald Colman) kills a traitor (John Miljan) in the court of King Louis XI (Basil Rathbone), he’s made Constable for a week, during which time he falls in love with a beautiful lady-in-waiting (Frances Dee), hatches a plan […]