Victor / Victoria (1982)

“You two-timing son-of-a-bitch — he’s a woman!” Synopsis: A destitute singer (Julie Andrews) in 1930s Paris befriends a gay man (Robert Preston) who convinces her to pose as a female impersonator. “Victor” (Andrews) quickly finds success, as well as admiration from a gangster (James Garner) who has trouble reconciling his attraction to a “man”. Genres: […]

Hangmen Also Die! (1943)

“This is war, and you’re in it!” Synopsis: In Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia, a doctor (Brian Donlevy) working for the underground secretly assassinates the corrupt deputy governor (Hans Heinrich von Twardowski), then seeks refuge in the home of a young woman (Anna Lee) who helped him flee the police. When Lee’s father (Walter Brennan) is sent to […]

Road to Glory, The (1936)

“I left you with a wounded man on a wire, and you leave me with a mine to sit on.” Synopsis: A French lieutenant (Warner Baxter) serving in the trenches of World War I with his over-aged father (Lionel Barrymore) finds solace in the company of a local nurse (June Lang), who falls for a […]

Red Pony, The (1949)

“You can’t know life unless you know death; it’s all part of one thing.” Synopsis: When a teacher-turned-rancher (Shepperd Strudwick) gives his son Tom (Peter Miles) a red pony named Gabilan, Tom turns to their ranch hand (Robert Mitchum) for support and advice. Meanwhile, Strudwick’s wife’s (Myrna Loy) garrulous father (Louis Calhern) won’t stop talking […]

Pearl, The (Perla, La) (1948)

Note: This movie was filmed simultaneously in both English and Spanish; while Peary lists the English-titled version in his GFTFF, I chose to watch the Spanish-language version with English subtitles. “Pearls give you richness, but they also give you grief.” Synopsis: When a Mexican fisherman named Quino (Pedro Armendariz) finds a large pearl while diving […]

They Knew What They Wanted (1940)

“There’s good people in the world, and there’s the other kind — the kind that go away.” Synopsis: When a wealthy Italian grape farmer (Charles Laughton) in Napa Valley becomes smitten with a beautiful waitress (Carole Lombard) in San Francisco, he asks his handsome friend (William Gargan) to help him write letters to her and […]

Talk of the Town, The (1942)

“My business is with the principles of law. I can’t allow myself to get mixed up in these little local affairs.” Synopsis: When a Supreme Court nominee (Ronald Colman) comes to stay in a country house run by a schoolteacher (Jean Arthur) harboring a falsely accused fugitive from justice (Cary Grant), he finds his belief […]

Seventh Cross, The (1944)

“There are no better men than Paul Roeder.” Synopsis: A fugitive (Spencer Tracy) from a concentration camp in 1936 Germany seeks refuge with old friends and acquaintances but finds he can’t rely on everyone. A married friend (Hume Cronyn) and his wife (Jessica Tandy) prove to be pivotal in his survival, as does a beautiful […]

Five Graves to Cairo (1943)

“To safeguard ourselves against all eventualities, we prepare.” Synopsis: During World War II, a British soldier (Franchot Tone) stranded in a hotel run by a nervous Egyptian (Akim Tamiroff) and a cynical French housemaid (Anne Baxter) goes undercover as a club-footed double agent, garnering vital intelligence from Field Marshall Rommel (Erich von Stroheim). Genres: Anne […]

Swamp Water (1941)

“I’m trying to find out if there’s anyone in the world that can speak the honest truth.” Synopsis: While looking for his dog in the Okefenokee Swamp of Georgia, a hunter (Dana Andrews) living with his father (Walter Huston) encounters a fugitive (Walter Brennan) falsely accused of murder five years prior. Soon the pair begin […]