Wild Women of Wongo, The (1958)

Wild Women of Wongo, The (1958)

“They are very unusual women, oh my father — and very brave.”

The beautiful women of prehistoric Wongo (where all men are brutes) lust after hunky men on the neighboring island of Goona (where all women are ugly).

Genres, Themes, Actors, and Directors:

  • Looking for Ms./Mr. Right
  • Prehistoric Times
  • Strong Females

As is sadly the case with so many “bad movies”, The Wild Women of Wongo‘s alliterative title is by far its most creative asset. The actors couldn’t do a worse job if they tried (only seven of the 34 cast members were in any other films but this one), the script and dialogue are inane (“The tribe of many men come in big canoes, bringing war to the coast”), and there are countless laughably incompetent moments. While it has potential as camp, I was only amused once, briefly (when an overweight Goona woman suddenly screams and scampers away). As noted in Time Out’s review, “Only the most dedicated follower of camp, the most ardent devotee of ’50s hair lacquer and leopard-skin kitsch, will be kept genuinely amused”; others should stay away.

Redeeming Qualities and Moments:

  • Truly awful dialogue, acting, costumes, and sets

Must See?
No. While it’s listed as a Cult Movie and a Camp Classic in the back of Peary’s book, this isn’t must-see viewing unless you’re a true fan of irredeemably bad movies. /; /


One thought on “Wild Women of Wongo, The (1958)

  1. Not a must.

    ‘TWWOW’ is more dull than terrible, though terrible is a close second. It has absolutely no camp value whatsoever (though, yes, the “We’re attacked!” moment is hilarious).

    That said…surprisingly…the film has a basic (very basic) appreciation of logical photography, continuity and editing. Much of the acting is awful but some of the cast seem to have had lessons…one or two. (Everyone plays a savage, so many allowances can be made.) The director even adds an occasional nice touch…once or twice.

    AND…there is some…Tension!…Suspense! Well, a little. AND…a somewhat-thrilling underwater fight sequence with an alligator. AND a big dance number…if one can call it that. (Of course, there is some regrettable ‘message’ about “beauty = good” but that all gets sorted out.)

    AND…there are some very hunky men (if you like that sort of thing). …Fans of ‘Female of the Beach’ will note Ed Fury (“This one’s mine – he’s cute!”) among the cast. Ed plays Jeff Chandler’s gigolo replacement at the end of ‘Female…’ and, as such, has one – very memorable – line: “Hello.”

    All told, though, ‘Wongo’ is wonky, totally ludicrous – and you will strongly feel every one of its 71 minutes.

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