Movie Crazy (1932)

Movie Crazy (1932)

“Ninety-nine out of a hundred fail out here, just because it ain’t their game. So take my advice and blow home.”

A klutzy aspiring actor (Harold Lloyd) is accidentally summoned to Hollywood for a screen test, where he fails to impress producers but falls in love with an actress (Constance Cummings) and one of the characters she plays.

Genres, Themes, Actors, and Directors:

  • Aspiring Stars
  • Comedy
  • Harold Lloyd Films
  • Hollywood
  • Mistaken or Hidden Identities

While Movie Crazy is generally regarded as one of Harold Lloyd’s best “talkies”, it’s ultimately a disappointment. Despite several amusing sequences, the screenplay as a whole rambles on for too long, diverging from its initial premise and suddenly shifting into a rather ordinary tale of mistaken identities and romantic difficulties. This is not one of Lloyd’s greatest films, and falls flat in comparison with his earlier masterpieces. Watch The Milky Way (1936) instead if you’re curious to see Lloyd in a reasonably successful non-silent film.

Redeeming Qualities and Moments:

  • Lloyd’s bungled attempts at being an extra
  • The extended “magician’s coat” sequence
  • Constance Cummings as Lloyd’s dual love interests

Must See?
No; this one ultimately isn’t must-see viewing.


One thought on “Movie Crazy (1932)

  1. Agreed – not a must.

    If you watch the first 10-15 minutes, you’ve more or less seen the film. You’ll know you’re in for lots of slapstick and, once the types of slapstick are in place, the film becomes largely predictable. Though the fight scene that concludes the film is lively, it’s not particularly inventive.

    As noted – there are a few bits that stand out above the others. But, generally, this is just a mildly amusing picture that you’ll likely forget once it’s over.

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