Bitch, The (1979)

Bitch, The (1979)

“After the pleasure, the pain, lover!”

A gambler (Antonio Cantafora) in debt to the Mafia seduces the nymphomaniac owner (Joan Collins) of a failing discoteque.

Genres, Themes, Actors, and Directors:

  • Joan Collins Films

This trashy sequel to a title mercifully missing from Peary’s book (1978’s The Stud) similarly stars Joan Collins in an adaptation of a blockbuster novel written by her sister, Jackie Collins. I was genuinely hard-pressed to come up with a meaningful synopsis of The Bitch, given that the “storyline” (such as it is) is simply an excuse to get the various characters into bed with each other, in between showing off numerous high-end locales. I presume we’re supposed to enjoy watching a still-sexy 40-something “bitch” like Collins seducing young men left and right (including her hapless chauffeur; ha ha), but ultimately it all simply comes across like badly-directed soft core porn, without nearly enough unintentional laughs to merit its labeling by Peary as a Camp Classic. (Naturally, it does have its base of fans, as evidenced by comments on IMDb, including some calling for its remake — heaven help us!)

Redeeming Qualities and Moments:

  • Joan Collins’ unabashedly raunchy portrayal as Fontaine Khaled

Must See?
No; skip this one.


One thought on “Bitch, The (1979)

  1. First (and last) viewing.

    Ugh. This is one uniquely dull flick. And this was first a novel?! A blockbuster??! Like, with complete sentences and everything??!! 😉

    There’s nothing wrong with good trash but even there it doesn’t qualify since it’s little more than a snooze. It’s another example of a title mistakenly listed as ‘camp’ (either conscious or unconscious). Collins’ horribly-conceived character only marginally comes off like a bitch. Sure, she’s often mildly grouchy; a more genuine bitch would not only require an elevated temper but (ideally) a fair amount of wit – the latter is something that escapes ‘Fontaine’ at every opportunity.

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