Three Caballeros, The (1944)

Three Caballeros, The (1944)

“We’re three caballeros, three gay caballeros — they say we are birds of a feather.”

Donald Duck and his two avian friends — parrot Panchito and rooster Jose Carioca — present musical information on South America and Mexico.

Genres, Themes, Actors, and Directors:

  • Animated Feature
  • Musicals
  • South and Central America

Commissioned as part of the State Department’s “Good Neighbor Policy” with South America, Disney’s seventh feature-length film is a follow-up to its similarly themed predecessor, Saludos Amigos (1942). Like Saludos, it’s more a series of vignettes than a cohesive narrative, and should be viewed primarily as a historical curio. With that said, some of the animation is pretty far-out (especially in the latter-half of the film), and several of the vignettes — including the first one, an amusing tale about a cold-blooded penguin who emigrates to a tropical island — make the movie worth sitting through at least once.

Redeeming Qualities and Moments:

  • Impressive early experimentation with simultaneous live action/cartoon
  • Some truly psychedelic animation

Must See?
No, though most film fanatics will likely be curious to check it out.


One thought on “Three Caballeros, The (1944)

  1. More or less in agreement here; not a must.

    It’s true that things pick up significantly in the mid-section – with some rather lively animation during songs with particular pep. All festive, though it seems the product of very capable workmen rather than someone with a unique vision.

    Ultimately, it’s a bit of a chore to get through – even at just over an hour. Young ffs-to-be may have taste too sophisticated for this.

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