Gore Gore Girls, The (1972)

Gore Gore Girls, The (1972)

“That’s the second of my friends that have been killed in the last couple of days!”

On behalf of her newspaper, a journalist (Amy Farrell) hires a dapper private eye (Frank Kress) to solve the grisly murder of a stripper (Jackie Kroeger) — just the first of many soon to be mutilated.

Genres, Themes, Actors, and Directors:

  • Detectives and Private Eyes
  • Herschell Gordon Lewis Films
  • Horror
  • Journalists
  • Murder Mystery
  • Serial Killers
  • Strippers

Herschell Gordon Lewis’s final film (apart from two “come back” films made in the 2000s) was this gore-sploitation of private eye flicks:

… complete with plenty of Lewis’s characteristically tasteless mutilation of female flesh (in this case, buttocks are tenderized and seasoned, faces are deep fried and ironed, heads are smashed in and scooped out — you know, that kind of thing). Meanwhile, the rest of the narrative consists of interminable stripping sequences that do nothing to further the story; naturally, I’m not naive enough to be confused about the rationale behind this (Gordon Lewis was nothing if not savvy about what would draw in crowds), but these sequences simply make the film just that much more excruciating to sit through. While it (naturally) has its diehard fans (one poster on IMDb writes in all sincerity, “the best part of GoreGore Girls [sic] is when the killer cuts off one nipple, and milk comes out, cuts off the second nipple and then chocolate milk comes out! hahaha genius”), feel free to distance yourself as far as possible from this one.

Redeeming Qualities and Moments:

  • Nothing — unless you’re a fan of the genre, and enjoy the campily dark, low-budget trash humor

Must See?
Definitely not. Listed as Trash in the back of Peary’s book (and thus not considered, even by Peary, to be essential viewing for all Film Fanatics).


One thought on “Gore Gore Girls, The (1972)

  1. First and last viewing. ~and…

    A. Complete. Waste. Of. Time.


    Bad. Bad. Bad.

    The title does tell you what’s coming, so sections of it make it a fairly unpleasant POS as well.

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