Paranoiac (1963)

“You cannot possibly have seen Tony; he’s dead.” Synopsis: When a mentally unstable woman (Janette Scott) believes her long-dead younger brother (Alexander Davion) has arrived back at their home, her older brother (Oliver Reed), guardian aunt (Sheila Burrell), and caretaker nurse (Lilian Brousse) remain skeptical about his identity. Meanwhile, Reed accuses his family’s accountants (Maurice […]

Undying Monster, The (1942)

“What is this thing that’s been hanging over us for years?” Synopsis: After the attempted murder of his fiance, an aristocratic man (John Howard) and his sister (Heather Angel) receive an investigative visit at their old dark house from a Scotland Yard scientist (James Ellison) and his droll assistant (Heather Thatcher). Could a local doctor […]

Madame Bovary (1949)

“Is it a crime to want things to be beautiful?” Synopsis: Gustave Flaubert (James Mason) defends his novel Madame Bovary, about a farm girl named Emma (Jennifer Jones) who marries a local doctor (Van Heflin), but is quickly disappointed that her status hasn’t risen sufficiently. Jones racks up debts with a local lender (Frank Allenby) […]

Pretty Poison (1968)

“Our mission needs ice-cold nerves.” Synopsis: An inmate (Anthony Perkins) released from an insane asylum receives help from his parole officer (John Randolph) in finding a job in a lumber company, and woos a beautiful teen (Tuesday Weld) he meets at a hot dog stand by telling her he is a CIA agent. Soon the […]

House of Strangers (1949)

“Nothing hurts me, Max; that’s one of my complications.” Synopsis: The favored son (Richard Conte) of a crooked Italian-American banker (Edward G. Robinson) emerges from jail determined to seek revenge on his resentful brothers (Luther Adler, Paul Valentine, and Efrem Zimablist Jr.) — but as he reflects back on his romance with a beautiful socialist […]

Return of the Jedi, The (1983)

“Your thoughts betray you, Father. I feel the good in you — the conflict.” Synopsis: As Emperor Palpatin (Ian McDiarmid) and Lord Darth Vader (David Prowse and James Earl Jones) attempt to lure Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) to the Dark Side, Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) — with help from Chewbacca […]

Seventh Seal, The (1957)

“A man must live — at least until the plague takes him.” Synopsis: During the Black Death, a knight (Max Von Sydow) returning from the Crusades with his squire (Gunnar Bj√∂rnstrand) challenges Death (Bengt Ekerot) to a game of chess, then accompanies a young performer (Nils Poppe) as he travels with his wife (Bibi Andersson), […]

Night to Remember, A (1958)

“But she can’t sink — she’s unsinkable!” Synopsis: On the fateful night of the sinking of the Titanic, Second Officer Charles Lightoller (Kenneth More) helps oversee the rescue of as many passengers as possible — including an upper-class couple (Honor Blackman and John Merivale) with children; newlyweds (Jill Dixon and Ronald Allen) determined not to […]

Romeo and Juliet (1936)

“My only love sprung from my only hate!” Synopsis: When a young man (Leslie Howard) in 16th century Italy falls in love with the daughter (Norma Shearer) of the head (C. Aubrey Smith) of his family’s rival clan, chaos ensues — especially when Shearer resists marriage to the man (Ralph Forbes) her parents have selected […]

Titanic (1953)

“Iceberg — straight ahead!” Synopsis: On a fateful night in April of 1912, a wealthy expatriate (Clifton Webb) secures a ticket on board the Titanic, where his estranged wife (Barbara Stanwyck) has whisked away their daughter (Audrey Dalton) and son (Harper Carter) in an attempt to give them a life of normalcy in America. The […]