Tunnelvision (1976)

“Tunnelvision is popular because freedom is popular.” Synopsis: In a dystopian vision of 1985, a congressional committee holds a hearing to discuss an uncensored television station which Americans are staying at home all day to watch. Genres: Courtroom Drama Satires and Spoofs Television Response to Peary’s Review: Peary is generally dismissive of this darkly satirical […]

Shock Waves / Death Corps (1977)

“There is danger here — danger in the waters.” Synopsis: A touring boat helmed by a testy captain (John Carradine) becomes stranded on an island inhabited by an aging SS officer (Peter Cushing), who tries to warn the passengers (Brooke Adams, Jack Davidson, and D.J. Sidney) and crew (Luke Halpin and Don Stout) to leave […]

Jungle Book (1942)

“What is the book of life itself but man’s law with nature?” Synopsis: A boy (Sabu) raised by wolves in the Indian jungle returns to live with his birth-mother (Rosemary DeCamp) while nurturing an obsession to kill his mortal enemy, a tiger named Shere Khan. Meanwhile, the greedy father (Joseph Calleia) of his sweet girlfriend […]

Free Woman, A / Summer Lightning (1972)

“I’ve been married and now want to begin something new.” Synopsis: A woman (Margarethe von Trotta) eager to divorce her husband (Friedhelm Ptok) and find personal fulfillment discovers that life as a single woman is incredibly challenging — from securing a sustainable job to regaining custody of her son to fending off advances from both […]

Blood and Roses (1960)

“The Karnsteins are not a naturally happy family.” Synopsis: During a masquerade ball celebrating the upcoming wedding of her cousin (Mel Ferrer) and his fiancee (Elsa Martinelli), a young woman dressed in the clothing of her vampire-ancestor emerges from a fireworks display believing she has been possessed. Genres: Flashback Films Jealousy Literature Adaptation Love Triangle […]

Black Girl (1972)

“A spiritualist told me that a child that wasn’t mine was gonna make me happy one day!” Synopsis: An aspiring dancer (Peggy Pettit) is pressured by her bullying sisters (Gloria Edwards and Rhetta Greene) into mistreating a visiting foster sister (Leslie Uggams) who is idolized by their mother (Louise Stubbs). Genres: African-Americans Jealousy Play Adaptations […]

Spirits of the Dead (1968)

“Why am I telling you this? Why did you ask me here? What do you want from me?” Synopsis: Three mean-spirited individuals — Jane Fonda, Alain Delon, and Terence Stamp — meet appropriately grisly endings. Genres: Actors and Actresses Brigitte Bardot Films Edgar Allan Poe Films Episodic Films Fellini Films Horror Films Jane Fonda Films […]

Christiane F. (1981)

“Look at them: the cooler they are, the more shots they’ve had.” Synopsis: A neglected teen (Natja Brunckhorst) in 1970s Berlin is drawn by her new boyfriend (Thomas Haustein) into a subculture of heroin use and prostitution. Genres: Alcoholism and Drug Addiction David Bowie Films Downward Spiral Literature Adaptation Teenagers Response to Peary’s Review: Peary […]

Freud (1962)

“Leave to the night what belongs to the night.” Synopsis: Young Sigmund Freud (Montgomery Clift) — mentored by father-figure Dr. Joseph Breuer (Larry Parks) — develops his controversial psychoanalytical theory while caring for a variety of mentally ill patients, including a hysterical woman unable to walk or drink water (Susannah York). Genres: Biopics Flashback Films […]

Bride of the Gorilla (1951)

“Aren’t we all slaves?” Synopsis: A doctor (Tom Conway) and a hot-headed overseer (Raymond Burr) lust after the beautiful wife (Barbara Payton) of a plantation owner (Paul Cavanaugh), while a native servant (Carol Varga) pines for Burr. When Burr arranges to have Cavanaugh killed by a poisonous snake, a local witch (Gisela Werisbek) places a […]