Seconds (1966)

“Don’t think, Tony — I came here to feel, to be!” Synopsis: A middle-aged banker (John Randolph) emotionally estranged from his devoted wife (Frances Reid) undergoes extreme plastic surgery and emerges with a new identity as a bohemian painter (Rock Hudson) and a new love interest (Salome Jens) — but will his second chance at […]

Atom Age Vampire (1960)

“There’s no doubt of it! Yes, she’s disfigured forever! Like a cancer that’s beyond control — like leprosy!” Synopsis: Distraught that her boyfriend (Sergio Fantoni) is leaving her because she won’t give up her job as a nightclub dancer, a woman (Susanne Loret) crashes her car and is facially disfigured. She is discovered by a […]

White Cargo (1942)

“She knows how to purr her way into your mind and scratch her way out, always taking and never giving.” Synopsis: A rubber plantation overseer (Walter Pidgeon) in a humid African village — just one among a handful of white men, including an alcoholic doctor (Frank Morgan) and a kind missionary (Henry O’Neill) — laments […]

Letter to Three Wives, A (1949)

“I’m fed up with Addie Ross!” Synopsis: Three small-town wives (Jeanne Crain, Ann Sothern, and Linda Darnell) in post-WWII America each worry that their husband (Jeffrey Lynn, Kirk Douglas, and Paul Douglas) may have run off with one of their “friends” (Celeste Holm). Genres: Ann Sothern Films Celeste Holm Films Feminism and Women’s Issues Flashback […]

Applause (1929)

“The kid deserves a better break. Why, this burlesque racket is no place for her!” Synopsis: An aging burlesque star (Helen Morgan) with a manipulative boyfriend (Fuller Mellish, Jr.) tries to prevent her daughter (Joan Peers) — who has fallen in love with a kind sailor (Henry Wadsworth) — from following in her footsteps. Genres: […]

Picture of Dorian Gray, The (1945)

“There can be something fatal about a portrait.” Synopsis: Goaded by a corrupt lord (George Sanders), a handsome young aristocrat (Hurd Hatfield) offers his soul to the devil if he can appear as young as he looks in a portrait painted by his friend (Lowell Gilmore). He soon finds that his misdeeds — including his […]

People Will Talk (1951)

“You’re quite a noble character, aren’t you?” Synopsis: A well-intentioned doctor (Cary Grant) accompanied by a stoic yet loyal assistant (Finlay Currie) marries a suicidal pregnant woman (Jeanne Crain) out of both concern and love, while being pestered by a jealous colleague (Hume Cronyn) desperate to reveal questionable elements of Grant and Currie’s mysterious pasts. […]

Swiss Family Robinson (1960)

“What about our sons? What future is there here for them?” Synopsis: A Swiss family — father (John Mills), mother (Dorothy McGuire), and three sons (Tommy Kirk, James MacArthur, and Kevin Corcoran) — emigrating to New Guinea in the early 19th century is shipwrecked on a remote island, and must fight against marauding pirates while […]