History is Made At Night (1937)

“I didn’t know then — he hates everybody, mostly himself.” Synopsis: A sociopathically controlling millionaire (Colin Clive) refuses to allow his wife (Jean Arthur) a divorce, attempting to blackmail her by putting her in a compromising situation with her chauffeur (Ivan Lebedeff). Ironically, this set-up leads her to meet the love of her life — […]

Conversation, The (1974)

“If there’s one surefire rule that I have learned in this business it’s that I don’t know anything about human nature.” Synopsis: An increasingly paranoid surveillance expert (Gene Hackman) becomes convinced that his most recent assignment — trailing the young wife (Cindy Williams) of a business executive (Robert Duvall) as she meets her lover (Fredric […]

CrazyLegs / Zero Hour (1953)

“You forget about everything out on that field, don’t you?” Synopsis: Football legend Elroy “Crazylegs” Hirsch stars as himself in this overview of his fabled athletic career. Genres: Biopics Football Review: It’s difficult to understand why Peary includes this tepid, poorly scripted biopic of football star Elroy Hirsch — a.k.a. “Crazylegs” — in his GFTFF, […]