Night Monster (1942)

“All matter is really cosmic substance in vibration.” Synopsis: A reclusive cripple (Ralph Morgan) with a seemingly insane daughter (Fay Helm), a lurking butler (Bela Lugosi), a skittish maid (Janet Shaw), and a menacing chauffeur (Leif Erickson) invites a diverse group of guests to his decaying mansion — including a mystic (Nils Asther), a psychiatrist […]

Three Strangers (1946)

“We’re three strangers — that’s the point.” Synopsis: On Chinese New Year, three strangers — a socially-aspiring attorney (Sydney Greenstreet), the wealthy wife (Geraldine Fitzgerald) of a philanderer (Alan Napier), and a petty thief (Peter Lorre) — share in the outcome of a lottery ticket after praying to a goddess of fortune. Genres: Geraldine Fitzgerald […]

Barbarella (1968)

“An angel does not make love; an angel is love.” Synopsis: In the distant future, a sexually liberated female astronaut (Jane Fonda) is sent by the President of Earth (Claude Dauphin) to find a nefarious scientist (Milo O’Shea) who has invented the ultimate weapon — the Positronic Ray. Genres: Jane Fonda Films Mad Doctors and […]

Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life (1983)

“Would you like to talk about the meaning of life, dear?” Synopsis: British comedy troupe Monty Python enacts a series of sketches about the absurdity of birth, child-rearing, and human existence. Genres: Comedy Episodic Films Monty Python Films Review: The Trivia section on IMDb provides some revealing insights into the inception and production of this […]

Life With Father (1947)

“Vinnie, we have four children — if we’re not married now, we never will be!” Synopsis: In 1880s New York, the domineering father (William Powell) and scatterbrained mother (Irene Dunne) of four red-headed boys (Jimmy Lydon, Derek Scott, Johnny Calkins, and Martin Milner) deal with a series of household challenges — including Lydon’s crush on […]

Our Town (1940)

“The day wouldn’t come when I wouldn’t want to know everything about our town.” Synopsis: A narrator (Frank Craven) reflects on the lives, hopes, and dreams of citizens in the small American town of Grover’s Corners, focusing specifically on young sweethearts Emily (Martha Scott) and George (William Holden). Genres: Flashback Films Historical Drama Play Adaptation […]

And Then There Were None (1945)

”Let’s face it – we’re in a trap.” Synopsis: A group of strangers invited to an isolated island learn that they all have one thing in common: they caused someone’s death in the past and were never punished. Soon they’re being killed off one by one, and must discover the identity of the murderer in […]