Roberta (1935)

“John, everyday you act worse — but today you’re acting like tomorrow.” Synopsis: An American football player (Randolph Scott) visits his aunt (Helen Westley) at the Parisian design house she manages (known as “Roberta”), and begins to fall for her lovely young assistant (Irene Dunne); meanwhile his bandleader-friend (Astaire) meets up with his childhood sweetheart […]

Shall We Dance (1937)

“We’re about the only two people in the world who don’t think we’re married.” Synopsis: A ballet dancer (Fred Astaire) smitten with a popular musical comedy star (Ginger Rogers) pursues her onboard an ocean liner, where the pair are mistakenly identified as married. Genres: Dancers Fred Astaire Films Ginger Rogers Films Mistaken or Hidden Identities […]

Carefree (1938)

“She’s untapped… Why, she’s got everything wrong with her!” Synopsis: A man (Ralph Bellamy) experiencing troubles with his fiancee (Ginger Rogers) asks his psychiatrist-friend (Fred Astaire) to help Rogers overcome her reluctance to marry him. Soon, however, Rogers falls in love with Astaire, and he attempts to rectify the sticky situation through the use of […]

Flying Down to Rio (1933)

“What have these South Americans got below the equator that we haven’t?” Synopsis: Flirtatious bandleader Roger Bond (Gene Raymond) falls in love with a beautiful Brazilian socialite named Belinha (Dolores Del Rio), unaware that she’s already engaged to his friend Julio (Raul Roulien). Meanwhile, when Bond brings his band — including dancers Fred (Fred Astaire) […]

Some Like It Hot (1959)

“Now you know how the other half lives.” Synopsis: In 1920s Chicago, a pair of struggling musicians (Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis) who accidentally witness a murder committed by mob boss Spats Colombo (George Raft) flee to Florida in disguise as members of an all-girl band. “Josephine” (Curtis) soon adopts the persona of a wealthy […]

Lady From Shanghai, The (1948)

“Everybody is somebody’s fool.” Synopsis: An Irish drifter (Orson Welles) immediately becomes smitten with a beautiful woman (Rita Hayworth) he helps rescue from a rape attempt. Soon he’s invited to serve as a ship’s mate on a yacht trip hosted by Hayworth’s wealthy, crippled husband (Everett Sloane), where Sloane’s business partner (Glenn Anders) attempts to […]

Becky Sharp (1935)

“She’s hard, she’s selfish — she’ll take advantage of you!” Synopsis: In early 19th century England, a socially ambitious orphan named Becky Sharp (Miriam Hopkins) seduces various men in her attempt to rise out of poverty, though she only truly loves her soldier-husband (Alan Mowbray). Genres: Frances Dee Films Historical Drama Literature Adaptation Miriam Hopkins […]

Follow the Fleet (1936)

“Gosh, you’re glad to see me.” Synopsis: A sailor (Fred Astaire) on leave visits his former dance partner (Ginger Rogers) in hopes of rekindling their romance; meanwhile, his shipmate (Randolph Scott) falls for Rogers’ sister (Harriet Hilliard), but is scared away by her desire for marriage. Genres: Dancers Fred Astaire Films Ginger Rogers Films Musicals […]

Gay Divorcee, The (1934)

“Chances are that fate is foolish.” Synopsis: A professional dancer (Fred Astaire) falls in love-at-first-sight with a beautiful young woman (Ginger Rogers) while she’s traveling through Paris with her aunt (Alice Brady). After a fruitless attempt to successfully woo her, their paths accidentally cross again when Astaire accompanies his lawyer-friend (Edward Everett Horton) to a […]

Boy Who Could Fly, The (1986)

“Sometimes we need to believe in a little magic, especially when there’s so much pain.” Synopsis: After moving to a new town with her widowed mother (Bonnie Bedelia) and younger brother (Fred Savage), a teenage girl (Lucy Deakins) befriends and falls in love with her mute neighbor (Jay Underwood), who has believed he can fly […]