Tight Spot (1955)

“You realize you’re the only one who can help us, don’t you?” Synopsis: A prosecutor (Edward G. Robinson) hoping to convince an imprisoned gangster’s moll (Ginger Rogers) to testify against a crime boss (Lorne Greene) brings her to a hotel room for safe-keeping, where a policeman (Brian Keith) and a prison matron (Katherine Anderson) watch […]

Tin Pan Alley (1940)

“When you have something, and you know you have it, nothing can keep you down.” Synopsis: Just prior to World War I, two struggling songwriters (John Payne and Jack Oakie) meet a pair of singing sisters (Alice Faye and Betty Grable) who help them sell their songs. Soon Payne is in love with Faye, but […]

Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971)

“We’re free to do what we want.” Synopsis: A freespirited artist (Murray Head) remains romantically involved with a lonely divorcee (Glenda Jackson) and a Jewish physician (Peter Finch), both mutual friends of an open-minded married couple (Frank Windsor and Vivian Pickles) with multiple children. Genres: Glenda Jackson Films John Schlesinger Films Love Triangle Peter Finch […]

Transatlantic Tunnel / Tunnel, The (1935)

“There’s a certain charm about a dreamer — even if he dreams of iron and steel.” Synopsis: An engineer (Richard Dix) leads a years-long effort to build a transatlantic tunnel between the U.S. and England, but finds that his personal life suffers, as his wife (Madge Evans) turns to his best friend (Leslie Banks) for […]

Crime and Punishment (1935)

“I have studied these things! They won’t find me out — I won’t make mistakes!” Synopsis: An arrogant university graduate (Peter Lorre) brutally murders a pawnbroker (Mrs. Patrick Campbell) in order to help his sister (Tala Birell) and mother (Elisabeth Risdon) escape a life of poverty — but soon a suspicious police inspector (Edward Arnold) […]

Spetters (1980)

“What’s love? Give me some security and love will follow.” Synopsis: Three working-class motocross riders (Hans van Tongeren, Toon Agterberg, and Maarten Spanjer) are smitten with a sexy, socially ambitious short-order cook (Renee Soutendijk) who arrives in town with her brother (Peter Tuinman). Genres: Coming of Age Dutch Films Motorcyclists Social Climbers Response to Peary‚Äôs […]

Terror, The (1963)

“There is nothing here but an old man and his decaying memories. I beg you to leave them in peace!” Synopsis: A Napoleonic soldier (Jack Nicholson) wanders onto a spooky estate where an elderly baron (Boris Karloff) appears to be haunted by the specter of his young, deceased wife (Sandra Knight). Genres: Boris Karloff Films […]

Charley Varrick (1973)

“What’s that kind of money doing in a Tres Cruces bank?” Synopsis: A pilot-turned-thief (Walter Matthau) robs a bank with his wife (Jacqueline Scott) and two accomplices (including Andrew Robinson), but things go sour when Scott and one accomplice are killed, and Matthau suddenly realizes that most of the money they’ve stolen belongs to the […]

Last of Sheila, The (1973)

“My mouth is so dry they could shoot Lawrence of Arabia in it.” Synopsis: A movie producer (James Coburn) whose wife Sheila (Yvonne Romain) was killed in a hit-and-run accident the previous year invites a group of friends and acquaintances — including a movie star (Raquel Welch) and her manager-husband (Ian McShane), a scriptwriter (Richard […]

Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)

“The greatest mystery is right here — right under our feet.” Synopsis: In 19th century Scotland, a famed geologist (James Mason) journeys to the center of the earth, accompanied by his student (Pat Boone), the widow (Arlene Dahl) of his deceased rival, and a strapping Icelander (Peter Ronson) with a pet goose. Genres: Explorers Fantasy […]