Salvador (1986)

“You gotta get close, Rich, to get the truth. You get too close, you die.” Synopsis: A down-on-his-luck photojournalist (James Woods) drags his reluctant friend (James Belushi) with him to conflict-ridden El Salvador, where he attempts to chronicle the rise of military power and guerrilla resistance. Genres: James Woods Films Journalists Oliver Stone Films Political […]

Personal Services (1987)

“The future lies in kinky people.” Synopsis: A hardworking British waitress (Julie Walters) begins a new career as a madam, catering to the whims of middle-aged men with kinky sexual fantasies. Genres: Morality Police Prostitutes and Gigolos Strong Females Review: Several years after her breakthrough role in Educating Rita (1983), Julie Walters gave another stellar […]

Lust in the Dust (1985)

“Those who lust in the dust, die in the dust.” Synopsis: A portly dancehall singer (Divine) accompanies a taciturn cowboy (Tab Hunter) into the small western town of Chili Verde, where they learn that the busty owner (Lainie Kazan) of a saloon may hold part of the secret to the location of hidden gold. Genres: […]

Home Movies (1980)

“I’d like to be the hero of this family, just once.” Synopsis: A young man (Keith Gordon) in a deeply troubled family is encouraged by a charismatic instructor (Kirk Douglas) to film the story of his life. Genres: Black Comedy Brian De Palma Films Family Problems Kirk Douglas Films Movie Directors Review: Made in collaboration […]

Continental Divide (1981)

“Reporters are parasites who eat off the accomplishments of other people.” Synopsis: A tough, Chicago-based reporter (John Belushi) is sent by his managing editor (Allen Garfield) to cover a story about a scientist (Blair Brown) living an isolated existence in the Rockies. While Blair is resistant at first to Belushi’s presence, soon the pair start […]

Frogs (1972)

“It seems like everyone in our family is hung up on frogs.” Synopsis: An ecologically-minded photographer (Sam Elliott) working on an island is invited by a beautiful young woman (Joan Van Ark) to join in a celebration presided over by her wealthy uncle (Ray Milland) — but affairs quickly become deadly as her relatives are […]

Stolen Life, A (1946)

[Note: The following review is of a non-Peary title; click here to read more.] “Your sister’s a very dangerous woman, Katie! She could worm the secrets right out of a sphinx.” Synopsis: An aspiring artist named Kate (Bette Davis) falls in love with a lighthouse engineer (Glenn Ford), and is devastated when her identical twin […]

River of No Return (1954)

“He didn’t treat me like a tramp; he treated me like a woman!” Synopsis: A gambler (Rory Calhoun) engaged to a saloon singer (Marilyn Monroe) steals a horse and rifle belonging to a farmer (Robert Mitchum), and heads to town to stake a claim he recently won. Meanwhile, when Indians raid Mitchum’s farm, he flees […]

Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933)

“I know these showgirls: they’re just little parasites, little gold diggers!” Synopsis: A secretly wealthy aspiring composer (Dick Powell) in love with a chorus girl (Ruby Keeler) helps to finance a new musical production starring Keeler and her friends (Joan Blondell, Aline McMahon, and Ginger Rogers), much to the chagrin of his disapproving brother (Warren […]

Trouble in Paradise (1932)

“I’m mad about you! My little shoplifter! My sweet little pickpocket! My darling.” Synopsis: A pair of thieving lovers (Herbert Marshall and Miriam Hopkins) plot to steal from a wealthy widow (Kay Francis); but when Francis expresses romantic interest in Marshall, he finds his loyalties divided. Genres: Ernst Lubitsch Films Heists Herbert Marshall Films Kay […]