Farmer’s Daughter, The (1947)

“When someone asks you for your vote, you must be jealous of that vote. You must ask yourself, who is it I am voting for?” Synopsis: The Swedish-American daughter (Loretta Young) of a stalwart farmer (Harry Shannon) heads to the city to attend nursing school, but is swindled out of her savings by a lecherous […]

Show Boat (1936)

“Love is such a funny thing; there’s no sense to it.” Synopsis: When the lead singer (Helen Morgan) on a show boat is discovered to be a half-black woman married to a white man (Donald Cook), she leaves and is replaced by the daughter (Irene Dunne) of the boat’s owner (Charles Winninger), despite the disapproval […]

Beat Generation, The (1959)

“The world is full of moldy figs: they’re the squares who eat, sleep, go to work, vegetate, and while they vegetate — I swing.” Synopsis: A surly detective (Steve Cochran) and his partner (Jackie Coogan) search for a psychopathic rapist (Ray Danton) known as the “Aspirin Kid”, who finagles his way into Cochran’s house and […]

Jitterbugs (1943)

“I just love the way you show people carry on.” Synopsis: A pair of well-meaning jazz musicians (Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel) team up with a con-artist (Robert Bailey) to help a singer (Vivian Blaine) recover money stolen from her wealthy mother. Genres: Comedy Con-Artists Laurel and Hardy Films Mistaken Identities Review: Jitterbugs is the […]

Tom, Dick, and Harry (1941)

“Every day you read about girls marrying rich fellas — every day!” Synopsis: A telephone operator (Ginger Rogers) whose ambitious car-salesman boyfriend (George Murphy) has just proposed to her meets a happy-go-lucky car mechanic (Burgess Meredith) who becomes equally smitten with her — but she remains hopeful that she’ll finally meet and marry the real […]

Quality Street (1937)

“Women have a flag to fly as well as men, Mr. Brown.” Synopsis: In early-1800s England, a young woman (Katharine Hepburn) living with her unmarried sister (Fay Bainter) falls in love with a man (Franchot Tone) who she believes will ask her to marry him, but who instead becomes a soldier. Upon his return ten […]

Corn is Green, The (1945)

“Don’t you ever get tired of lessons?” Synopsis: Upon moving to the Welsh countryside, a schoolteacher (Bette Davis) decides to establish a classroom in her own house to help teach the village children. One student (John Dall) stands out as particularly gifted, and she helps him begin preparations to attend Oxford — but the tarty […]

Tales of Manhattan (1942)

“Do you know what it is to look into a woman’s eyes when she’s lying?” Synopsis: An actor (Charles Boyer) embroiled in a dangerous love triangle with a woman (Rita Hayworth) and her suspicious husband (Thomas Mitchell) is the first owner of a tailcoat which is eventually passed down to a variety of individuals in […]

Male and Female (1919)

“Would you put a Jack Daw and a Bird of Paradise in the same cage?” Synopsis: A butler (Thomas Meighan) with a crush on the aristocratic Lady (Gloria Swanson) he works for is given an unexpected chance to romance her when she and her family are shipwrecked on a deserted island, and Meighan becomes their […]

Dangerous (1935)

“I’m bad for people. I don’t mean to be, but I can’t help myself.” Synopsis: A down-and-out actress (Bette Davis) seduces an admiring architect (Franchot Tone), who breaks off his engagement with his socialite girlfriend (Margaret Lindsay) to help revive Davis’s failing career. Genres: Actors and Actresses Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Bette Davis Films Femmes […]