Woman’s Vengeance, A (1948)

“I heard Mr. Maurier say he wished she was dead.” Synopsis: A man (Charles Boyer) whose invalid wife (Rachel Kempson) suddenly dies of a heart attack marries his young lover (Ann Blyth), much to the chagrin of his long-time friend (Jessica Tandy), who has a crush on him. Soon Kempson’s nurse (Mildred Natwick) begins to […]

West of Zanzibar (1928)

“For all the suffering he brought her, he’s going to pay!” Synopsis: After learning his wife (Jacqueline Gadsden) has betrayed him, a magician (Lon Chaney, Sr.) is paralyzed in a fight with her lover (Lionel Barrymore), and later seeks revenge upon both Barrymore and his wife’s grown daughter (Mary Nolan). Genres: Africa Lionel Barrymore Films […]

Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (1976)

“You have the instincts of an Arab, Ilsa.” Synopsis: The domineering harem keeper (Dyanna Thorne) for an oil sheik (Jerry Deloney) tortures a spy (Haji) while falling for a studly American visitor (Max Thayer). Genres: Middle East Prisoners Strong Females Review: Sexploitation fans who can’t get enough of Dyanne Thorne’s buxomy blonde bitch Ilsa (first […]

Man They Could Not Hang, The (1939)

“To operate on a living body is like trying to repair a motor when it’s still running.” Synopsis: A doctor (Boris Karloff) experimenting with a radical form of surgery is captured by police after temporarily putting his student (Stanley Brown) to death; unwilling to believe that he meant no harm, a jury sentences him to […]

Craig’s Wife (1936)

“Nobody can know another human being enough to trust him.” Synopsis: A controlling, upwardly mobile housewife (Rosalind Russell) who married her adoring husband (John Boles) for his money finds her carefully planned life crumbling apart when her husband’s volatile friend (Thomas Mitchell) is found dead. Genres: Dorothy Arzner Films Feminism and Women’s Issues Housewives Marital […]

Walking Dead, The (1936)

“What effect did the experience of death have on his subconscious mind?” Synopsis: A pianist (Boris Karloff) falsely accused of murdering a judge (Joe King) is electrocuted, but brought back to life by a scientist (Edmund Gwenn), after which he proceeds to haunt the men who framed him. Genres: Boris Karloff Films Edmund Gwenn Films […]

Finishing School (1934)

“The aim of our school — and we like to believe the achievement — is to prepare young ladies to meet graciously all social demands.” Synopsis: The daughter (Frances Dee) of a wealthy socialite (Billie Burke) is sent to a finishing school, where she rooms with an outspoken heiress (Ginger Rogers) who introduces her to […]

Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS (1973)

“Once a prisoner has slept with me, he will never sleep with a woman again. If he lives, he will remember only the pain of the knife.” Synopsis: A sadistic Nazi prison warden (Dyanne Thorne) gleefully tortures both male and female prisoners in her camp, not realizing that her latest sexual conquest — an American […]

Who Slew Auntie Roo? (1972)

“You children don’t want to leave here! You have a home here — forever!” Synopsis: A demented widow (Shelly Winters) whose young daughter died in an accident many years earlier entices a young orphan (Chloe Franks) to come live with her in her mansion — but Franks’ brother (Mark Lester) believes Winters is a witch, […]

Testament (1983)

“Tell it to stop.” Synopsis: In the aftermath of a nuclear attack, a mother (Jane Alexander) whose traveling husband (William Devane) is presumed dead struggles to keep her three kids — Mary Liz (Roxana Zal), Brad (Rossie Harris), and Scottie (Lukas Haas) — and herself alive. Genres: Living Nightmare Nuclear Holocaust Post-Apocalypse Survival Response to […]