Circus, The (1928)

“Keep him busy and don’t let him know he’s the hit of the show.” Synopsis: A tramp (Charlie Chaplin) accidentally becomes the hit star in a circus run by a cruel ringmaster (Al Garcia), who pays him the lower wages of a prop-master; meanwhile, he falls in love with Garcia’s abused daughter (Merna Kennedy) — […]

Wind, The (1928)

“Day in, day out, whistlin’ and howlin’ — makes folks go crazy, especially women!” Synopsis: A young Virginian woman (Lillian Gish) comes to live with her cousin (Edward Earle) and his family in wind-swept Texas; but Earle’s wife (Dorothy Cummings) quickly becomes jealous of Gish’s presence, and demands that she find another place to live. […]

Nanook of the North (1922)

“The mysterious Barren Lands — desolate, boulder-strewn, wind-swept — illimitable spaces which top the world.” Synopsis: An Inuit hunter (Allakariallak) struggles to help his two wives (Nyla and Cunayou) and two children survive in the harsh Arctic Circle. Genres: Antarctica and the Arctic Documentary Native Americans Robert Flaherty Films Silent Films Survival Response to Peary‚Äôs […]

Gold Rush, The (1925)

“Far into the icy north, deep into the silent nowhere, came an undaunted lonely prospector.” Synopsis: A tramp (Charlie Chaplin) seeking gold in the Klondike befriends a beefy prospector (Mack Swain), battles an evil criminal (Tom Murray), and falls in love with a beautiful dancehall girl (Georgia Hale). Genres: Alaska Charlie Chaplin Films Comedy Gold […]

Kid, The (1921)

“Please love and care for this orphan child.” Synopsis: A tramp (Charlie Chaplin) adopts an infant left in a car by an unwed mother (Edna Purviance), and soon grows to love him like a son. When the child (Jackie Coogan) is eventually taken away by social workers, Chaplin does everything possible to get him back. […]

College (1927)

“Anyone prefers an athlete to a weak-knee’d, teachers’ pet.” Synopsis: A nerdy high school graduate (Buster Keaton) follows his dream girl (Anne Cornwall) to college, where he attempts to impress her by trying out a variety of sports — but his clumsiness foils him time and again. Genres: Buster Keaton Films College Comedy Silent Films […]

This Gun For Hire (1942)

“I’m my own police.” Synopsis: When a hitman (Alan Ladd) is double-crossed by his employer (Laird Cregar), he vows revenge, and soon crosses paths with a beautiful singer (Veronica Lake) working as a spy to learn about shady wartime deals being brokered by Cregar’s crooked boss (Tully Marshall). Genres: Alan Ladd Films Falsely Accused Hitmen […]

Faust (1926)

“All things in heaven and earth are wonderful! But the greatest wonder is man’s freedom to choose between good and evil.” Synopsis: In medieval Germany, the demon Mephistopheles (Emil Jannings) bets an archangel (Weiner Fuetterer) that he can corrupt the soul of a well-meaning alchemist (Goesta Ekmann). After experiencing a trial day of omnipotence and […]

Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928)

“This floating palace should put an end to that thing Steamboat Bill is running.” Synopsis: The long-lost son (Buster Keaton) of a steamboat operator (Ernest Torrence) attempts to bond with his father while illicitly romancing the daughter (Marion Byron) of Torrence’s competitor (Tom McGuire). Genres: Buster Keaton Films Comedy Father and Child Rivalry Silent Films […]

Three Ages (1923)

“If you let your mind wander back through History you will find that the only thing that has not changed since the World began is — LOVE.” Synopsis: In three different historical eras (the Stone Age, Roman times, and 1920s New York), a young man (Buster Keaton) vies for the attentions of a beautiful girl […]