Gidget (1959)

“When it’s the real thing, you’ll know it — as surely as if you’d been hit on the head with a sledgehammer!” Synopsis: A teenage tomboy (Sandra Dee) spends her summer learning how to surf, and falls in love with an elusive surfer-boy (James Darren) who aspires to live a “beach bum” existence like his […]

Cover Girl (1944)

“You’re gonna be a big star, Rusty — but you gotta get down on your feet, not your face.” Synopsis: A dancer (Rita Hayworth) performing in a nightclub owned by her boyfriend (Gene Kelly) is selected as a new “cover girl” by a magazine magnate (Otto Krueger) who was once in love with her look-alike […]

Love Parade (1929)

“I pronounce you wife and man.” Synopsis: A rakish count (Maurice Chevalier) marries the queen of Sylvania (Jeanette MacDonald), but finds his masculinity threatened by his new role as “Prince Consort”. Genres: Battle-of-the-Sexes Ernst Lubitsch Films Jeanette MacDonald Films Marital Problems Maurice Chevalier Films Musicals Royalty and Nobility Strong Females Response to Peary‚Äôs Review: Peary […]

Summer Storm (1944)

“When a man pities his rival, he’s preparing to pity himself.” Synopsis: In pre-Revolutionary Russia, beautiful young Olga (Linda Darnell) is married off to an older peasant (Hugo Haas), but secretly loves an aristocratic judge (George Sanders); meanwhile, a foppish nobleman (Edward Everett Horton) lavishes Olga with gifts in hopes of buying her favors, and […]

Wrong Man, The (1956)

“An innocent man has nothing to fear — remember that.” Synopsis: A musician (Henry Fonda) is falsely accused of being a thief, and struggles to assert his innocence; meanwhile, his wife (Vera Miles) descends into a mental breakdown from the strain of the situation. Genres: Courtroom Drama Falsely Accused Henry Fonda Films Hitchcock Films Living […]

Paradine Case, The (1947)

“I may not be the cleverest woman in the world, and there are lots of things I don’t know, but there’s one thing I know better than anyone else: I know you.” Synopsis: A married attorney (Gregory Peck) becomes obsessed with the beautiful widow (Alida Valli) he’s defending, much to the consternation of his loyal […]

Rear Window (1954)

“We’ve become a race of Peeping Toms. What people ought to do is get outside their own house and look in for a change.” Synopsis: A wheelchair-bound photographer (James Stewart) confined to his NYC apartment begins to suspect that one of his neighbors (Raymond Burr) has killed his wife. With help from his glamorous girlfriend […]

Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon (1970)

“We’re all freaks — so don’t try to steal the show!” Synopsis: A young woman (Liza Minnelli) disfigured by an abusive date (Ben Piazza) finds solace and friendship when she rents a house with a gay paraplegic (Robert Moore) and an epileptic (Ken Howard). Genres: Disabilities Disfigured Faces Literature Adaptation Liza Minnelli Films Misfits Otto […]

Major and the Minor, The (1942)

“You know, SuSu, you’re a very peculiar child.” Synopsis: A young woman (Ginger Rogers) poses as a 12-year-old in order to buy a half-price train ticket, and falls for a kindly Army major (Ray Milland) who takes her under his wing. When visiting the military academy where Milland works, she enchants all the boys on […]

Indiscreet (1958)

“There is no sincerity like a woman telling a lie.” Synopsis: A successful actress (Ingrid Bergman) falls in love with an unhappily married diplomat (Cary Grant) who can’t divorce his wife; their passionate affair gets more complicated, however, when a disturbing secret is revealed. Genres: Cary Grant Films Ingrid Bergman Films Play Adaptation Romantic Comedy […]