Pickpocket (1959)

“Could one turn a blind eye to certain kinds of theft? Synopsis: A young man (Martin LaSalle) becomes addicted to pickpocketing as a way of life, much to the distress of his concerned friends (Marika Green and Pierre Leymarie). Genres: Character Studies French Films Robert Bresson Films Thieves and Criminals Review: While most reviews and […]

Teorema (1968)

“You have filled my life with a total, real interest.” Synopsis: A mysterious guest (Terence Stamp) at an Italian villa provokes erotic desire in all its inhabitants — including the mother (Silvana Mangano), the father (Massimo Girotti), the teenage son and daughter (Andres Jose Cruz Soublette and Anne Wiazemsky), and their maid (Laura Betti). Genres: […]

Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The (1947)

“I’m here because you believe I’m here. Keep on believing, and I’ll always be real to you.” Synopsis: A headstrong widow (Gene Tierney) develops an unusual relationship with the ghost (Rex Harrison) haunting her new seaside house. Genres: Anna Lee Films Gene Tierney Films Ghosts Historical Drama Joseph L. Mankiewicz Films Natalie Wood Films Rex […]

Ghost Goes West, The (1935)

“There isn’t a ghost here or anywhere else, because ghosts simply don’t exist outside of mystery stories!” Synopsis: The daughter (Jean Parker) of an American businessman (Eugene Pallette) falls in love with the destitute owner (Robert Donat) of a Scottish castle, which is haunted by Donat’s doomed ancestor (also Donat). Genres: Cross-Class Romance Elsa Lanchester […]

College Confidential (1960)

“I want you to abandon this dangerous project, which people are interpreting in the worst possible way!” Synopsis: A sociology professor (Steve Allen) under fire for corrupting his students (including Mamie Van Doren) is investigated by an inquisitive journalist (Jayne Meadows). Genres: College Elisha Cook Jr. Films Falsely Accused Herbert Marshall Films Journalists Mamie Van […]

Left Handed Gun, The (1958)

“I don’t run, I don’t hide. I go where I want, I do what I want.” Synopsis: When his new employer (Colin Keith-Johnston) is gunned down, Billy the Kid (Paul Newman) vows revenge against the men who killed him — but he alienates his mentor, Pat Garrett (John Dehner), when his vengeance disrupts Garrett’s wedding. […]

White Zombie (1932)

“You don’t seem to realize what this girl means to me. Why, I’d sacrifice anything in the world for her!” Synopsis: A covetous plantation owner (Robert Frazer) in Haiti seeks the help of a voodoo practitioner (Bela Lugosi) in wooing the newlywed bride (Madge Bellamy) of his friend (John Harron) into his clutches. Genres: Bela […]

Incredible Torture Show, The / Blood Sucking Freaks (1976)

“Look on in awe at a man who has turned all his fantasies into realities.” Synopsis: When the sado-masochistic director (Seamus O’Brien) of a theater macabre show kidnaps a prima ballerina (Viju Krem), her boyfriend (Niles McMaster) hires a detective (Dan Fauci) to investigate. Genres: Black Comedy Kidnapping Let’s-Put-On-a-Show Magicians S&M Response to Peary’s Review: […]

Dead Reckoning (1947)

“Didn’t I tell you all females are the same with their faces washed?” Synopsis: A war hero (Humphrey Bogart) investigates the mysterious death of his buddy (William Prince), who was accused of murdering the husband of his lover (Lizabeth Scott). Genres: Amateur Sleuths Femmes Fatales Flashback Films Humphrey Bogart Films John Cromwell Films Lizabeth Scott […]