Ten From Your Show of Shows (1973)

“I didn’t join this here army to fight.” Synopsis: Ten sketches from Sid Caesar’s television program “Your Show of Shows” are highlighted in this theatrical release. Genres: Comedy Episodic Films Television Review: Ten sketches from Sid Caesar’s 90-minute television variety show “Your Show of Shows” (1950-1954) — co-starring Imogene Coca and Carl Reiner, among others […]

Hercules/Hercules Goes Bananas/Hercules in New York (1969)

“Hercules goes where he wishes!” Synopsis: Greek demigod Hercules (Arnold Schwarzenegger) defies his father, Zeus (Ernest Graves), by leaving Mt. Olympus and heading down to Earth, where he befriends a nebbishy pretzel seller (Arnold Stang) and impresses mortals with his superhuman strength. Genres: Ancient Greece and Rome Comedy Father and Child New York City Supernatural […]

Shoot the Piano Player (1960)

“Lost in the night, you can’t stop the shadows from moving in.” Synopsis: A pianist (Charles Aznavour) with a troubled family and a tragic past falls for a waitress (Marie Dubois) and begins a tentative romance. Genres: Francois Truffaut Films French Films Gangsters Musicians Response to Peary’s Review: Peary is an enormous fan of this […]

Hercules (1958)

“Deceit does not go with a man of such quality.” Synopsis: Legendary strongman Hercules (Steve Reeves) romances the daughter (Sylva Koscina) of King Pelius (Ivo Garrani) and assists Jason (Fabrizio Mioni) on his quest to secure the Golden Fleece. Genres: Ancient Greece and Rome Historical Drama Supernatural Powers Response to Peary’s Review: Peary notes that […]

Going My Way (1944)

“This young man and I differ; we don’t see eye to eye.” Synopsis: A progressive young priest (Bing Crosby) is sent to assist an ailing parish run by elderly Father Fitzgibbon (Barry Fitzgerald). Genres: Barry Fitzgerald Films Bing Crosby Films Do-Gooders Generation Gap Leo McCarey Films Musicals Priests and Ministers Response to Peary’s Review: Peary […]

Toolbox Murders, The (1978)

“You need more than a spilled Pepsi to prove that she was kidnapped.” Synopsis: When his sister (Pamelyn Ferdin) goes missing, a teenager (Nicolas Beauvy) and his friend (Wesley Eure) attempt to determine who has committed a rash of bloody murders in an apartment complex. Genres: Amateur Sleuths Horror Films Kidnapping Serial Killers Review: Within […]

Xala (1975)

“Make me a man again — I’ll pay whatever you want.” Synopsis: In post-colonial Senegal, a corrupt businessman (Thierno Leye) attempts to marry a third wife (Dieynaba Niang), but finds that his ability to consummate the marriage has been foiled by a “xala” (curse). Genres: Africa Corruption Downward Spiral Marital Problems Satires and Spoofs Review: […]

Mandabi (1968)

“You know people: you mention money, and they all come running.” Synopsis: A poor Senegalese villager (Makhouredia Gueye) finds himself confronting endless bureaucracy and corruption while trying to cash a money order sent by his nephew in Paris. Genres: Africa Black Comedy Corruption Living Nightmare Review: Ousmane Sembene’s second feature-length film — after his acclaimed […]

Time of Their Lives, The (1946)

“There’s a curse on this house, all right.” Synopsis: During the Revolutionary War, a patriotic tinker (Lou Costello) and a noblewoman (Marjorie Reynolds) are mistaken for traitors and shot, their ghosts cursed to remain on the same plot of land until they can prove their innocence. Genres: Abbott and Costello Films Comedy Falsely Accused Fantasy […]

Little Giant (1946)

“If you could read my mind like I can read yours, you’d know I meant every word of it!” Synopsis: A bumbling salesman (Lou Costello) suddenly finds himself enormously successful once he believes he has the ability to read minds. Genres: Abbott and Costello Films Comedy Mind Control and Hypnosis Salesmen Review: Little Giant is […]