Born to Kill (1947)

“You’re strength… excitement… and depravity.” Synopsis: A recent divorcee (Claire Trevor) falls for a hunky psychopath (Lawrence Tierney), and finds herself covering up for his murderous tendencies. Genres: Claire Trevor Films Detectives and Privates Eyes Elisha Cook Jr. Films Lawrence Tierney Films Psychopaths Robert Wise Films Social Climbers Review: Dubbed by New York Times reviewer […]

Scandal Sheet (1952)

“Too bad the guy used an axe on her head; spoiled some pretty pictures for me.” Synopsis: When the editor of a sensationalist newspaper (Broderick Crawford) accidentally kills his estranged wife (Rosemary DeCamp), his lead reporter (John Derek) is assigned to the case of the “Lonely Hearts Murderer” — not knowing that his boss is […]

Green for Danger (1946)

“Joseph Higgins was quite dead.” Synopsis: When a postman (Moore Marriott) dies mysteriously on the operating table of a rural hospital during WWII — and a nurse (Judy Campbell) with incriminating evidence is killed shortly thereafter — an inspector (Alastair Sim) is sent to investigate which of a close-knit team of doctors (Leo Genn and […]