Mad Dog Coll (1961)

“Whoever shot and murdered these little kids is a human animal — he’s worse than an animal, he’s a beast; he’s a mad dog!” Synopsis: Psychopathic gangster Mad Dog Coll (John Chandler) vies for dominance over rival Dutch Schultz (Vincent Gardenia) while romancing an exotic dancer (Kay Doubleday). Genres: Biopics Gangsters Rise-and-Fall Review: After the […]

Murder, Inc. (1960)

“Any guy that we hit, he asked to be hit.” Synopsis: A singer (Stuart Whitman) and his wife (May Britt) find themselves terrorized by a hitman (Peter Falk) working for an infamous New York City crime syndicate. Genres: Depression Era Gangsters Hitmen Historical Drama Peter Falk Films Review: Based on the real-life crime syndicate dubbed […]

Time After Time (1979)

“What have I done? I’ve loosed that bloody maniac upon Utopia!”

Skippy (1931)

“Gee, it’s elegant over here: alleys and dumps and goats and wood…” Synopsis: The son (Jackie Cooper) of a doctor (Willard Robertson) helps his new friend Sooky (Robert Coogan) earn enough money to release his pet dog from the pound. Genres: Childhood Comics and Comic Strips Friendship Pets Review: Based on the enormously popular comic […]

Mad Ghoul, The (1943)

“What am I? Alive or dead? Man or beast? What have you done to me?” Synopsis: A mad doctor (George Zucco) turns his student (David Bruce) into a zombie, forcing him to excavate hearts from fresh corpses to fuel his own temporary antidote. Genres: Horror Mad Doctors and Scientists Zombies Review: This above-average B-level Universal […]

Pleasure Garden (1925)

“That girl knows exactly what she’s doing — and she likes it.” Synopsis: An aspiring dancer (Carmelita Geraghty) befriends a kind chorus girl (Patsy Brand) who falls for the duplicitous friend (Miles Mander) of Geraghty’s upstanding fiance (John Stuart); meanwhile, the socially climbing Geraghty leaves Stuart behind for a chance to marry a prince (Karl […]

Jabberwocky (1977)

“It is the middle of the dark ages — ages darker than anyone had expected…” Synopsis: During the Middle Ages, a cooper’s son (Michael Palin) sets forth into the city, where a monstrous Jabberwocky terrorizes the citizens, and the king (Max Wall) has offered the hand of his daughter (Deborah Fallender) in marriage to anyone […]

Bachelor Flat (1962)

“Here, in this bachelor flat on Pacific, Professor can relax and get away from all those amorous college girls…” Synopsis: A British archaeology professor (Terry-Thomas) fights off amorous females while dealing with the sudden presence of a seventeen-year-old “juvenile delinquent” (Tuesday Weld) who is actually the daughter of his fiancee (Celeste Holm). Genres: Celeste Holm […]