Student Teachers, The (1973)

“When I see that kind of perversion in this here high school, you can bet your sweet ass I’m stoppin’ it!” Synopsis: Two sexy young student teachers (Susan Damante and Brooke Mills) cause a stir by offering their high school students radical pedagogical options; meanwhile, a rapist terrorizes their campus, and an African-American senior (Brenda […]

Maisie (1939)

“I’ll talk ya deaf, dumb, and blind, and sometimes I’ll make ya so mad you’ll want to kill me — but I’ll never lie to ya, Slim, or cheat ya.” Synopsis: An out-of-work actress (Ann Sothern) finagles a job as a maid on a ranch run by a gunshy cowpoke named Slim (Robert Young). Soon […]

D.O.A. (1950)

“I don’t think you fully understand, Bigelow — you’ve been murdered!” Synopsis: An accountant (Edmond O’Brien) slowly dying from “luminous poisoning” tries to determine who his killers are, and why they’ve murdered him. Genres: Amateur Sleuths Edmond O’Brien Films Flashback Film Living Nightmare Murder Mystery Response to Peary’s Review: As Peary notes, this “first-rate melodrama” […]