Riot in Cell Block 11 (1954)

“In a case like this, either the cons run the prison or the prison runs the cons.” Synopsis: A group of prisoners (led by Neville Brand) riot for better living conditions; meanwhile, their sympathetic warden (Emile Meyer) tries to keep the situation under control while negotiating with both Brand and his superiors. Genres: Don Siegel […]

Nick Carter, Master Detective (1939)

“They’re after something now that’s going to break us if they get it.” Synopsis: Detective Nick Carter (Walter Pidgeon) investigates espionage at the Radex Airplane Factory while courting a lovely female nurse (Rita Johnson) and dealing with an admiring amateur sleuth (Donald Meek). Genres: Detectives and Private Eyes Jacques Tourneur Films Spies Walter Pidgeon Films […]

3 Worlds of Gulliver, The (1960)

“I stop wars, put out fires, feed people, give them hope and peace and prosperity — how can I be a traitor?” Synopsis: Dr. Lemuel Gulliver (Kerwin Mathews) is shipwrecked and lands on the shores of Lilliput, where he tries to help mediate a rivalry between the Lilliputians and their neighbors on Blefescu. Genres: Fantasy […]

Strawberry Statement, The (1970)

“The only way to make a revolution is to take the university and recapture it for the students and for the people!” Synopsis: A college student (Bruce Davison) joins a revolutionary movement on campus in order to get closer to a girl (Kim Darby) he’s interested in. Genres: Bud Cort Films College Coming-of-Age Literature Adaptation […]

Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, The (1972)

“My experiment has shown some of the strange effects radiation can produce, and how dangerous it can be if not handled correctly.” Synopsis: A harried single mother (Joanne Woodward) struggles to raise her two daughters: boy-crazy, baton-twirling Ruth (Roberta Wallach) and quiet, science-loving Matilda (Nell Potts). Genres: Family Problems Joanne Woodward Films Paul Newman Films […]

Lumiere (1976)

“We always meet again… In 16 years of friendship, in spite of births, sickness, travel, films, there always was room for you and me.” Synopsis: A renowned actress (Jeanne Moreau) and her friends (Lucia Bose, Caroline Cartier, and Francine Racette) deal with love and career choices in Paris. Genres: Actors and Actresses French Films Friendship […]

Male Animal, The (1942)

“I know I’m not a tiger — but I don’t like to be thought of as a pussycat, either!” Synopsis: Professor Turner (Henry Fonda) is warned by his supervisor (Eugene Pallette) that he cannot read a letter by a controversial anarchist in his class or he will risk losing his job; meanwhile, his wife (Olivia […]

Confession, The (1970)

“The others are confessing — the only chance to save your neck is to confess, as they are doing.” Synopsis: A high-ranking government official (Yves Montand) in Communist Czechoslovakia is taken prisoner and forced to confess to treason he never committed. Genres: Cold War Costa-Gavras Films Falsely Accused Historical Drama Prisoners Simone Signoret Films Yves […]

Postman Always Rings Twice, The (1981)

“I’m getting tired of what’s right and wrong…” Synopsis: A drifter (Jack Nicholson) begins a steamy affair with the wife (Jessica Lange) of his new boss (John Colicos), and soon the two are plotting to commit murder. Genres: Bob Rafelson Films Courtroom Drama Infidelity Jessica Lange Films Jack Nicholson Films Literature Adaptation Plot to Murder […]

Postman Always Rings Twice, The (1946)

“With my brains and your looks, we could go places.” Synopsis: A drifter (John Garfield) falls for the beautiful wife (Lana Turner) of an older restaurant proprietor (Cecil Kellaway), and the two young lovers are soon plotting murder. Genres: Audrey Totter Films Cecil Kellaway Films Courtroom Drama Femmes Fatales Hume Cronyn Films Infidelity Lana Turner […]