Delinquents, The (1957)

“These kids today have no sense of responsibility… None at all!” Synopsis: When a teenager (Tom Laughlin) is told he can’t see his girlfriend (Rosemary Howard) anymore, he accidentally gets involved with a gang of juvenile delinquents (led by Peter Miller) who lead him down a dangerous path. Genres: Juvenile Delinquents Robert Altman Films Review: […]

Canterville Ghost, The (1944)

“I have roamed these halls for three centuries, and I am so tired — if only I could rest.” Synopsis: A cowardly ghost (Charles Laughton) doomed to haunt his family’s castle until a descendant commits a brave act in his name hopes that a long-lost American kinsman (Robert Young) — with the help of the […]

Woman is a Woman, A (1961)

“I want a baby in the next 24 hours.” Synopsis: A woman (Anna Karina) desperate to become pregnant turns to an admirer (Jean-Paul Belmondo) for “help” when her partner (Jean-Claude Brialy) refuses to take her request seriously. Genres: French Films Godard Films Love Triangle Pregnancy Review: After the phenomenal success of his New Wave debut […]

Crimson Pirate, The (1952)

“Remember: in a pirate ship, in pirate waters, in a pirate world, ask no questions.” Synopsis: After seizing a ship full of arms from Baron Jose Gruda (Leslie Bradley), the “Crimson Pirate” (Burt Lancaster) and his trusty sidekick Ojo (Nick Cravat) try to win back the loyalty of their mutinous crew while rescuing a damsel-in-distress […]

Nosferatu (1922)

“Blood is life! Blood is life!!!” Synopsis: Real estate agent Thomas Hutter (Gustav von Wangenheim) travels to Transylvania to meet with a reclusive client named Count Orlok (Max Schreck), who sucks his blood, then sets out by sea to find and ravage Hutter’s wife (Greta Schroder). Genres: F.W. Murnau Films Horror Literature Adaptation Silent Films […]

Children of the Damned (1963)

“Either they control us or we control them — that’s the law of nature!” Synopsis: Two scientists (Ian Hendry and Alan Badel) discover that six genetically similar children exist around the world who possess a vastly superior intelligence. When they’re brought to London for further observation, however, all hell breaks loose, as government officials begin […]

Femme Infidele, La (1969)

“Why should anyone just disappear?” Synopsis: A business man (Michel Bouquet) who discovers his wife (Stephane Audran) is having an affair murders her lover (Maurice Ronet) while visiting his apartment. Genres: Claude Chabrol Films French Films Infidelity Response to Peary’s Review: As Peary notes, this “erotic, subtle, meticulously crafted” thriller — one of director Claude […]

Village of the Damned (1960)

“You have to be taught to leave us alone.” Synopsis: In a small British village, twelve emotionless blonde children with extraordinary intellect are mysteriously born at the same time. A scientist (George Sanders) whose wife (Barbara Shelley) has given birth to one of these odd children (Martin Stephens) becomes their teacher, and learns that their […]

Beach Blanket Bingo (1965)

“It’s a wiggy beach!” Synopsis: Teen lovers Frankie (Frankie Avalon) and Dee Dee (Annette Funicello) find their relationship strained by the sudden arrival of a quibbling sky-diving duo (Deborah Walley and John Ashley) and a beautiful pop singer (Linda Evans). Meanwhile, their friend Bonehead (Jody McCrea) falls for a mermaid (Marta Kristen), while Eric Von […]

Gods Must Be Crazy, The (1980)

“Xi had never seen anything like this in his life — it looked like water, but was harder than anything else in the world…” Synopsis: When a Coke bottle is dropped from a plane in the middle of the Kalahari desert, it disrupts the lives of a peaceful tribe of bushmen, so the man who […]