Last of the Mohicans, The (1936)

“You know I don’t belong here — there’s a fence between your world and mine.” Synopsis: During the French and Indian War, a frontiersman (Randolph Scott) and a Mohican Indian (Phillip Reed) help rescue the kidnapped daughters (Binnie Barnes and Heather Angel) of a British major (Hugh Buckler) from a tribe of Hurons led by […]

Mademoiselle Fifi (1944)

“He’s a Prussian — he’s an enemy! I don’t eat with enemies!” Synopsis: During the Franco-Prussian War, a patriotic laundress (Simone Simon) refuses to dine with a German soldier (Kurt Kreuger), thus jeopardizing the plans of her fellow travelers. Genres: Class Relations Historical Dramas Literature Adaptation Resistance Fighters Robert Wise Films Simone Simon Films Val […]

Wise Blood (1979)

“I don’t have to run away from anything, ’cause I don’t believe in anything.” Synopsis: An angry young veteran (Brad Dourif) returns to his small Southern town determined to decry the hypocrisy of its citizens. After witnessing a supposedly self-blinded preacher (Harry Dean Stanton) and his grown daughter (Amy Wright) passing out religious tracts, Hazel […]

Cat and the Canary, The (1927)

“My relatives have watched my wealth as though they were cats — and I, a canary.” Synopsis: Twenty years after his death, the relatives of eccentric millionaire Cyrus West gather in his house to hear the reading of his will. They soon learn that young Annabelle West (Laura LaPlante) will inherit the entire fortune — […]

Wild River (1960)

“We’ve got to get those Garths off that island — with no dispossessing, no marshals, no shotguns, and no incidents that might get into the papers.” Synopsis: In the 1930s, a representative of the Tennessee Valley Authority (Montgomery Clift) arrives at a small island with the task of convincing its owner (Jo Van Fleet) to […]

Wind Across the Everglades (1958)

“Them Yankees like the tickle of them feathers — and we like the tickle of their money!” Synopsis: In turn-of-the-century Florida, an idealistic new Audubon warden (Christopher Plummer) tries to arrest a legendary bird poacher known as “Cottonmouth” (Burl Ives), who lives deep in the Everglades with his band of unruly henchmen. Genres: Cat-and-Mouse Christopher […]

Tomb of Ligeia, The (1964)

“She will not rest, because she is not dead — to me.” Synopsis: A nobleman (Vincent Price) remains obsessed with his dead wife (Elizabeth Shepherd), whose spirit appears to his new wife (also Shepherd) in the form of a black cat. Genres: Edgar Allan Poe Films Ghosts Historical Drama Literature Adaptations Psychological Horror Roger Corman […]

Christopher Strong (1933)

“I’m a very reckless person, Chris — and you’re a very cautious one.” Synopsis: An aviatrix (Katharine Hepburn) falls in love with a happily married man (Colin Clive), who hesitates to hurt his loving wife (Billie Burke) and adoring daughter (Helen Chandler). Genres: Airplanes and Pilots Colin Clive Films Dorothy Arzner Films Infidelity Katharine Hepburn […]

Troublemaker, The (1964)

“Is there not one man among you with evidence of the graft and corruption that we all know exists? Armed with that evidence, I will root out the evil and the evildoers!” Synopsis: A naive chicken farmer (Tom Aldredge) moves to New York City in hopes of opening a coffee shop. Against the advice of […]

Vagabond (1985)

“Female drifters, all alike: just loafers and men-chasers.” Synopsis: A young, electively homeless woman (Sandrine Bonnaire) drifts across the French countryside, trying to survive the harsh winter. Genres: Character Studies Flashback Films French Films Homeless Road Trip Survival Review: Belgian director Agnes Varda has long been interested in using cinema as a means of delving […]