From the Earth to the Moon (1958)

“No one on this Earth will ever know the secret of Power X!” Synopsis: In post-Civil War America, ambitious munitions manufacturer Victor Barbicane (Joseph Cotten) develops a source of power strong enough to propel a rocket. He enlists the help of rival scientist Stuyvesant Nicholls (George Sanders) in building a rocket to the moon — […]

Strangler, The (1964)

“Everyone has to grow up, Mrs. Kroll — even your son.” Synopsis: An overweight lab technician (Victor Buono) strangles a series of women, due to sublimated rage towards his overbearing mother (Ellen Corby). Genres: Criminal Investigation Grown Children Serial Killers Review: Made during the midst of the infamous Boston Strangler killings, this reasonably effective exploitation […]

Snake Pit, The (1948)

“The whole place seemed to me like a deep hole, and the people down in it were strange animals — snakes! And I’d been thrown into it, as though I were a snake, too. Synopsis: Upon experiencing a sudden nervous breakdown, troubled newlywed Virginia Cunningham (Olivia de Havilland) is sent by her concerned husband (Mark […]

Hitler’s Madman (1943)

“You think words will stop the Nazis?”

When a Woman Ascends the Stairs (1960)

[Note: The following review is of a non-Peary title; click here to read more.] “Bars in the daytime are like women without make-up…” Synopsis: A widowed bar hostess (Hideko Takamine) struggling to survive in post-war Japan must decide whether to remarry or open an establishment of her own. Genres: Character Studies Feminism and Women’s Issues […]

Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

“Bonnie and Clyde are the Barrow gang, I’m sure you all have read / How they rob and steal, and those who squeal, are usually found dyin’ or dead.” Synopsis: When Bonnie Parker (Faye Dunaway) meets young criminal Clyde Barrow (Warren Beatty), sparks immediately fly; soon the two are on a cross-country rampage, robbing banks […]

Nightmare Alley (1947)

“It gives you a sort of superior feeling — it’s as if you were in the know, and they were on the outside, looking in…” Synopsis: An ambitious carnival worker (Tyrone Power) uses trickery and psychology to convince audiences he’s telepathic, and soon he and his beautiful young wife (Coleen Gray) have a successful nightclub […]

Savage Innocents, The (1960)

“To the white man, Arctic ice and snow are pitiless enemies; but to the Eskimo they can be useful friends.” Synopsis: Eskimos Inuk (Anthony Quinn) and his wife Asiak (Yoko Tani) survive happily together in the Arctic, until the day they arrive at a trading post and Inuk accidentally kills a missionary (Marco Guglielmi). Eventually […]

Young Girls of Rochefort, The (1967)

“I’ve looked everywhere, I’ve sailed the seven seas… Can she be far? Is she close to me?” Synopsis: In the town of Rochefort, twin sisters Delphine (Catherine Deneuve) and Solange (Francoise Dorleac) Garnier hope to meet their true loves. Meanwhile, their mother (Danielle Darrieux) pines after her long-lost fiance (Michel Piccoli); an American composer (Gene […]

World of Henry Orient, The (1964)

“Don’t all young girls begin to dream about romance at that age?” Synopsis: When a wealthy teen named Val (Merrie Spaeth) develops a mad crush on womanizing pianist Henry Orient (Peter Sellers), she and her new friend Gil (Tippy Walker) pursue him all around New York, repeatedly disrupting his plans to seduce a nervous married […]