Cry Uncle (1971)

Cry Uncle (1971)

“Please, punish me! I sold rice to the Vietcong and now I’m ready to take my medicine.”

Private detective Jake Masters (Allen Garfield) has sex with nearly every woman he meets while on the trail of a blackmailing murderer.

Genres, Themes, Actors, and Directors:

  • Allen Garfield Films
  • Black Comedy
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Detectives and Private Eyes

Response to Peary’s Review:
This sexist private eye spoof has few redeeming qualities, and is especially disappointing considering that it was director Joe Avildsen’s follow-up to his noteworthy, daring debut film, Joe (1970).

Masters is unappealing in every way, and it’s no fun to watch him having sex with woman after woman — including one who’s already dead. Skip this one.

Redeeming Qualities:

  • Not much at all.

Must See?
No. While this movie was renowned at the time for mixing soft-core porn into a “straight” detective flick, it’s ultimately neither funny nor particularly enjoyable.


One thought on “Cry Uncle (1971)

  1. This is a film I’ve actively avoided, even though I was once acquainted with someone in the cast. Just had no appeal for me–as film buff or otherwise. I vaguely recall it being talked about for its ‘outrageousness’ when it was released, and perhaps that’s why Peary paid some attention to it. I only recently saw it in a ‘buck bin’ and decided, ‘Well, it’s in the book, best get it over with.’–even though I thought the price steep. I totally agree with what you point out as the film’s one redeeming quality. In a word: soporific.

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