Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959)

“I’m goin’ out. Maybe I’ll be back, and maybe I won’t!”

Attack Giant Leeches Poster

Giant mutant leeches emerge from the swamps of Florida and imprison the local townspeople in their underwater cave.


Response to Peary’s Review:
As Peary points out, this “gritty, enjoyably lurid, creepy [and] gruesome” sci-fi potboiler is reminiscent of some of Russ Meyer’s early work (Lorna, Mud Honey), with its “sweaty” backwoods atmosphere, and “luscious Yvette Vickers” as a big-bosomed, trampy married woman. The production values are low and the leech costumes are ridiculous, but this remains an enjoyably campy, “unfairly neglected” B-movie.

Redeeming Qualities:

  • Yvette Vickers as the sexy backwoods trophy wife
    Attack Giant Leeches Vickers

Must See?
Yes, simply for its status as a cult “bad movie” favorite.



One Response to “Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959)”

  1. Yes – a must, as a delightfully unique bad movie.

    Let me qualify that: ‘AOTGL’ is not your usual bad movie. It’s not so bad it’s awful. It’s not so bad it’s good. It’s actually pretty entertaining. It’s more like a bargain-basement B movie.

    This is yet another one that has eluded me all these years. It can be hard to come by outside the MST3K realm – which is how I saw it on DVD. (And it is among the best of the MST3K series. The jokes are quite often pretty hilarious.)

    Peary’s statement about the movie’s relation to Russ Meyer’s work is…a bit of a stretch, I think. I get what he means, but it’s still a vague resemblance. Yeah, there’s the adulterous wife in a somewhat steamy setting. But to include Meyer as an introduction to the film would be a little misleading.

    ‘Attack…’ is a great one for having the FF gang over for bad movie night – it’s as satisfying as it is dumb.

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