Woman in Flames, A (1982)

Woman in Flames, A (1982)

“I wonder just how far I can go… I’m open to anything!”

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A dissatisfied housewife (Gudrun Landgrebe) becomes an upscale call girl, and soon is in demand as a dominatrix. She falls madly in love with a gigolo (Mathieu Carriere), but after they move in together, they quickly grow jealous of each other’s clients.


This “satire” on postwar bourgeois values (an enormous box office hit in its native Germany) falls flat on nearly every count. Although Landgrebe is easy on the eyes (and not a horrible actress), we care very little about what happens to her, and her obsessive romance with the boring Carriere never rings true. The dialogue — not helped any by the awful English dubbing on the video release — is inane and cliched, and the titular denouement makes absolutely no sense. Avoid this one if possible.

Redeeming Qualities and Moments:

  • Beautiful Gudrun Landgrebe as Eva
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