Still of the Night / Stab (1982)

“We’re probably dealing with a woman who on the surface seems childlike and innocent, but underneath is capable of extreme violence.” Synopsis: When one of his patients (Josef Sommer) is murdered, a psychiatrist (Roy Scheider) suspects that Sommer’s nervous mistress (Meryl Streep) — with whom he is gradually falling in love — may have something […]

Verdict, The (1946)

“You seem to have greater interest in Kendall dead than alive.” Synopsis: After accidentally sending the wrong man to the gallows, Superintendent Grodman (Sydney Greenstreet) is released from duty and replaced by ambitious Superintendent Buckley (George Coulouris). When another murder takes place, both Grodman and Buckley try to determine who among a host of suspects […]

Innocents, The (1961)

“They must be made to admit what is happening — one word, one word of the truth from these children, and we can cast out those devils forever!” Synopsis: A governess (Deborah Kerr) in charge of two sibling orphans — Miles (Martin Stephens) and Flora (Pamela Franklin) — gradually becomes convinced that they are possessed […]

Cornbread, Earl, and Me (1975)

“We don’t have much, but we do have our self-respect — and now they’re trying to take that away!” Synopsis: When a college-bound basketball star (Jamaal Wilkes) is accidentally shot by two cops (Bernie Casey and Vince Martorano), several witnesses — including a 12-year-old boy (Laurence Fishburne), his cousin Earl (Tierre Turner), and a storeowner […]

Big Knife, The (1955)

“Oh, Charlie, my Charlie — what’s happened to your mind, your spirit, your soul? Charlie Castle, the guy I married — he was a tiger!” Synopsis: At the insistence of his idealistic wife (Ida Lupino), philandering Hollywood actor Charlie Castle (Jack Palance) resists signing another seven-year contract with studio boss Stanley Hoff (Rod Steiger) — […]

Invaders From Mars (1953)

“David says something landed in the field out back. It doesn’t make sense, but he seems so convinced!” Synopsis: Young David (Jimmy Hunt) awakens at night to see a flying saucer landing under a plot of sand behind his house. When his father (Leif Erickson) goes out to investigate, he’s sucked into the sand and […]

Chinatown (1974)

“Either you bring the water to L.A., or you bring L.A. to the water.” Synopsis: In 1930s Los Angeles, a private detective (Jack Nicholson) finds himself embroiled in a complicated plot of murder, corruption, and twisted sexuality. Genres: Corruption Detectives and Private Eyes Faye Dunaway Films Jack Nicholson Films Los Angeles Murder Mystery Roman Polanski […]

That Lady in Ermine (1948)

“I’m in love with your great-great grandmother — I have been since the moment I entered this castle!” Synopsis: In 1800s Italy, a Hungarian (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) invading the castle of newlywed Countess Angelina (Betty Grable) falls for a painting of Countess Francesca, Angelina’s lookalike ancestor. Soon he finds himself enamored with Angelina herself, which […]

Murders in the Zoo (1933)

“I can promise you a really unusual evening.” Synopsis: An insanely jealous animal collector (Lionel Atwill) plots to murder his wife’s lover (John Lodge) at a fundraising dinner for the local zoo; meanwhile, the zoo’s new press agent (Charles Ruggles) is on hand for comic relief. Genres: Horror Infidelity Jealousy Lionel Atwill Films Randolph Scott […]

Bigamist, The (1953)

“How can you call [your wife] and tell her that you must have a divorce? Worse than that, you’ve been unfaithful — you’re going to be a father. How can you hurt someone so much?” Synopsis: When Harry Graham (Edmond O’Brien) and his wife (Joan Fontaine) try to adopt a baby, the head of the […]