Nosferatu the Vampyre / Nosferatu der Nacht (1979)

“Lucy, my wife, is in danger — I must save her.” Synopsis: In 19th century Europe, a real estate agent (Bruno Ganz) is sent by his boss (Roland Topor) to secure a sale with Count Dracula (Klaus Kinski) in Transylvania. Dracula quickly becomes enamored from afar with Ganz’s beautiful wife (Isabelle Adjani), and sets sail […]

Peary Interviewed on Podcast

Click here for a podcast interview in which Danny Peary talks about his film review career (including writing this book) for 2.5 hours. It’s very informative! is mentioned at 2:06:40. Speaking of that — since launching this site in 2006, I’ve written 2,231 reviews of titles in GFTFF (1,327 from the back of the […]