Sea Wolf, The (1941)

“I’m obeying the law, Mr. Van Weyden — the law of the sea!” Synopsis: When a writer (Alexander Knox) and two fugitives (Ida Lupino and John Garfield) find themselves aboard a ship run by a tyrannical captain (Edward G. Robinson), they hatch a plan for escape. Genres: At Sea Edward G. Robinson Films Fugitives Ida […]

Star is Born, A (1937)

“The tense is wrong. You’re not slipping: you’ve slipped.” Synopsis: An aspiring actress (Janet Gaynor) falls in love with a famous but alcoholic actor (Fredric March), and soon their fates begin to shift. Genres: Adolph Menjou Films Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Aspiring Stars Fredric March Films Hollywood Janet Gaynor Films Rise-and-Fall Romance Star-Crossed Lovers William […]

Stranger on the Third Floor (1940)

“I’m not guilty — the stranger killed him!” Synopsis: When a reporter (John McGuire) testifies against a man (Elisha Cook, Jr.) seen leaving a diner after its owner (Charles Judels) is killed, McGuire’s girlfriend (Margaret Tallichet) is distressed that his testimony may be responsible for sending an innocent man to jail. Soon McGuire realizes a […]

Dead End (1937)

“Never go back; always go forward!” Synopsis: In the New York tenements, a woman (Sylvia Sidney) secretly in love with her childhood friend (Joel McCrea) — who in turn pines for the beautiful mistress (Wendy Barrie) of a rich man — tries to protect her brother Tommy (Billy Halop) from being arrested after he injures […]