Connection, The (1962)

“You will not see the man behind the man — because there is no such man!” Synopsis: A director (William Redfield) agrees to fund the next fix for a group of heroin junkies gathered in the apartment of a friend (Warren Finnerty) as they wait for the arrival of their “connection”, a drug supplier known […]

Portrait of Jason (1967)

“It only hurts when you think of it. And if you’re real, you’ll think of it a long, long time.” Synopsis: Filmmaker Shirley Clarke interviews a self-described gay black “hustler” (Jason Holliday) who tells countless entertaining tales of his life as a sexually voracious “houseboy” and aspiring cabaret singer. Genres: African-Americans Aspiring Stars Class Relations […]

Kiss of the Vampire (1963)

“I advise you to ask no questions of anyone in this region.” Synopsis: A honeymooning couple (Edward de Souza and Jennifer Daniel) staying in a remote inn run by a nervous man (Peter Madden) and his depressed wife (Vera Cook) — with an inebriated professor (Clifford Evans) as the only other inhabitant — are invited […]

From Mao to Mozart (1981)

“Music is not black and white. It is every color — and even some that painters don’t have.” Synopsis: Virtuoso violinist Isaac Stern travels through China three years after the end of the Cultural Revolution, giving concerts and master classes. Genres: China Documentary Musicians Review: This Oscar-winning documentary chronicles the first collaboration between an American […]

Dementia 13 / Haunted and the Hunted, The (1963)

“Castle Haloran is a bit perplexing — a very strange place, really, old and musty; the kind of place you’d expect a ghost to like to wander around in.” Synopsis: A woman (Luana Anders) whose husband (Peter Read) dies from a sudden heart attack dumps his body in a lake and attends a gathering at […]

Inheritors, The (1983)

“Let us build a new fatherland. It is time we awoke from this vile coma!” Synopsis: A teenager (Nikolas Vogel) with emotionally abusive parents befriends a rebellious motorcyclist (Roger Schauer) and finds himself increasingly drawn into Schauer’s subculture of fascism and neo-Nazi ideology. Genres: Coming of Age German Films Nazis Response to Peary’s Review: Peary […]

Slime People, The (1963)

“It looks as if the slime people have won — for now.” Synopsis: A pilot (Robert Hutton) landing in fog-filled Los Angeles learns from a professor (Robert Burton) and his two daughters (Susan Hart and Judee Morton) that the city has been overrun by reptilian Slime Men emerging from underneath the ground. Joined by a […]

Robot Monster / Monsters From the Moon (1953)

“I cannot — yet I must. How do you calculate that?” Synopsis: An alien named Ro-Man plots to kill the remaining six Hu-Mans on earth — a mother (Selena Royle), her professor-husband (John Mylong), their two young children (Gregory Moffett and Pamela Paulson), their grown daughter (Claudia Barrett), and Barrett’s boyfriend-scientist (George Nader) — who […]

Creeping Terror, The / Crawling Monster, The (1964)

“Within 48 hours, Dr. Bradford had closely examined the creature and the spaceship and reached a number of conclusions. He was sure the creature had come from beyond our solar system.” Synopsis: A sheriff (Vic Savage) returns from a honeymoon with his new wife (Shannon O’Neil) to find a spaceship has landed, and an enormous […]