Christmas Holiday (1944)

“They said it was shameful that I should love him — as if you could stop loving because it’s shameful to love.” Synopsis: A jilted G.I. on leave (Dean Harens) encounters a depressed nightclub singer (Deanna Durbin) who proceeds to tell him the sad story of how she met her troubled husband (Gene Kelly), who […]

Sound of Music, The (1965)

“When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.” Synopsis: In 1930s Austria, a nun-in-training (Julie Andrews) is sent to work as a governess for the seven unruly children — Liesl (Charmian Carr), Louisa (Heather Menzies-Urich), Friedrich (Nicholas Hammond), Kurt (Duane Chase), Brigitta (Angela Cartwright), Marta (Debbie Turner), and Gretl (Kym Karath) — […]

Our Vines Have Tender Grapes (1945)

“It’s better to never have a thing than to have it and be afraid.” Synopsis: A Norwegian-American farmer (Edward G. Robinson) and his wife (Agnes Moorehead) raise a curious and compassionate daughter (Margaret O’Brien) in rural Wisconsin; meanwhile, Robinson longs to follow in the footsteps of his neighbor (Morris Carnovsky) and build himself a fancy […]

Waxworks (1924)

“Your lack of clothes does not disturb me in the least!” Synopsis: The owner of a waxworks show (John Gottowt) commissions a poet (William Dieterle) to write stories about three historical wax figures: Haroun the Caliph (Emil Jannings), Ivan the Terrible (Conrad Veidt), and Jack the Ripper (Werner Krauss). Genres: Conrad Veidt Films Episodic Films […]