Thomas the Imposter (1964)

“The princess was quite right: the name of Fontenoy was a magic word, the ‘Open Sesame’ of the war ministry.” Synopsis: During World War I, a teenager (Fabrice Rouleau) pretending to be the nephew of an esteemed general helps a widowed princess (Emmanuelle Riva) with her humanitarian efforts, and falls in love with her daughter […]

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

“No man is a failure who has friends.” Synopsis: An angel (Henry Travers) helps a suicidal man (Jimmy Stewart) recognize the importance of his life. Genres: Angels Corruption Do-Gooders Donna Reed Films Fantasy Flashback Films Frank Capra Films Gloria Grahame Films Jimmy Stewart Films Lionel Barrymore Films Living Nightmare Small Town America Suicide Thomas Mitchell […]

Jane Eyre (1943)

“Your duty is to prepare yourself to do God’s work in the world.” Synopsis: Orphaned Jane Eyre (Joan Fontaine) accepts a position as a governess for a domineering father (Orson Welles) with a tragic secret, and soon finds herself falling in love with him. Genres: Agnes Moorehead Films Cross-Class Romance Elizabeth Taylor Films Governesses and […]

Advise & Consent (1962)

“Son, this is a Washington, D.C. kind of lie. It’s when the other person knows you’re lying, and also knows you know he knows.” Synopsis: While leading an investigation to determine if the new Secretary of State candidate (Henry Fonda) selected by the President of the United States (Franchot Tone) is qualified for the position, […]

Skidoo (1968)

“You are a backwards step in the evolution of mankind!” Synopsis: An ex-con (Jackie Gleason) is summoned by his former crime boss (Groucho Marx) to kill a prison inmate (Mickey Rooney); meanwhile, his daughter (Alexandra Hay) is seduced by a group of hippies (including John Phillip Law) who move in with her and her mother […]

Law and Disorder (1974)

“If the police can’t protect us, then it’s our constitutional duty, under the Constitution of the United States, to protect ourselves!” Synopsis: A pair of middle-aged men (Ernest Borgnine and Carroll O’Connor) fed up with the rampant crime in their city join an auxiliary police force. Genres: Black Comedy Ernest Borgnine Films New York City […]

Born to Win (1971)

“They say I’m a charmer… that I charm the people I hustle.” Synopsis: A heroin addict (George Segal) begins a romance with a woman (Karen Black) whose car he attempts to steal; meanwhile, he tries to secure his next fix while outsmarting his dealer (Hector Elizondo). Genres: Alcoholism and Drug Addiction George Segal Films Karen […]

True Grit (1969)

“She reminds me of me!” Synopsis: A stubborn teenager (Kim Darby) hires an alcoholic marshal (John Wayne) to track down and kill her father’s murderer (Jeff Corey). Genres: Dennis Hopper Films Fugitives Henry Hathaway Films John Wayne Films Literature Adaptation Robert Duvall Films Search Strong Females Westerns Review: As the film which earned John Wayne […]

Lovers and Other Strangers (1970)

“I love weddings — they’re such a family thing.” Synopsis: As Mike (Michael Brandon) and Susan’s (Bonnie Bedelia) wedding approaches and Mike experiences cold feet, their friends and family members struggle with relationship issues of their own. Genres: Bonnie Bedelia Films Diane Keaton Films Ensemble Cast Marital Problems Play Adaptations Romantic Comedy Weddings Review: Based […]

Flirtation Walk (1934)

“So he wants to desert because of me? I’ll fix that.” Synopsis: A private (Dick Powell) stationed in Hawaii falls for a general’s engaged daughter (Ruby Keeler), who feigns disinterest in order to keep him out of trouble. When he becomes a cadet at West Point, he is dismayed to see her showing up and […]